Iron Man 3 Suits Up On Mobile Devices Next Week


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Iron Man 3 premiers in theaters on May 3. Before the theatrical release, Gameloft will be giving mobile gamers a taste of the action with its latest mobile game tie-in.

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game - is a freemium title for iOS and Android that gives players the chance to use 18 of Iron Man's most iconic suits as Tony Stark battles across various missions.

Some players expressed concern in the YouTube comments that Iron Man 3 will devolve into a shallow cash cow as the game encourages players to spend real money to unlock new weapons and armors. Gameloft says that's not the case as every armor and weapon can be unlocked through normal gameplay. Of course, the developer doesn't say just how long players will have to play before unlocking the advance armors, but at least it's possible.

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game - will be out on iPhone, iPad and Android devices on April 25.