'Weird Science' Star Kelly LeBrock Arrested

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Kelly LeBrock, former wife of martial arts expert Steven Seagal, as well as of Pantene shampoo's "don't hate because I'm beautiful" infamy, was arrested in Santa Barbara, California on November 30 for suspicion of driving under the influence.

LeBrock was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A California Highway Patrol officer spotted LeBrock driving erratically - the actress was speeding in a 55 mph zone, repeatedly crossed the center line, and blew through a stop sign.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case, and charges have yet to be filed.

LeBrock is likely best known for her role as "Lisa" in John Hughes' 1985 masterwork Weird Science, also starring Anthony Michael Hall, Bill Paxton and Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. Here's the 1985 trailer:

The title song of Weird Science was written and performed by New Wave band Oingo Boingo, which featured Danny Elfman, who also scored the famous theme of The Simpsons, as well as the majority of the films of Tim Burton.

Here LeBrock displays her luxurious 1980's coiffure, while infamously peddling Pantene hair products:

LeBrock's line in the commercial, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful," drew out scores of haters, and likewise became a pop culture catchphrase at the time. During the era, the actress was typecast as an "idyllic woman" character, culminating in the sort of magical-fantasy-robot-lady-wizard-construct created by misunderstood teens in Weird Science:

And who can forget a young Robert Downey Jr. "slushying" Anthony Michael Hall in a shopping mall?

Image via YouTube.

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