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Humane Scores Another Apple Executive
Humane has announced that Patrick Gates, former Apple Internet Services executive, has joined the startup as Chief Technology Officer....
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Microsoft Expects ‘Halo Effect’ From Winning Pentagon JEDI Contract
Fresh off of winning the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI contract, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company is expecting a “halo effect,” accord...
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All Good Things: Jony Ive Officially Leaves Apple, Closing Out An Era
He made a name for himself as THE Apple design guru, bringing to life such iconic designs as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad yet, as with all good thi...
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Classic iPods Are So Hot Right Now
They say you don’t know what you’ve got, ’till it’s gone. The iPod Classic – you know, that mp3 player that relies on a clic...
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Teen Murders Parents for ‘Taking Away His iPod and Stuff’
Here’s a chilling, sad, and ridiculous story out of Norfolk, Virginia. And otherwise well-balanced high school sophomore has pleaded guilty to t...
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Neil Young Set to Unveil Pono, a New Music Player
With the advent of the smartphone, the world was introduced to another way to degrade the quality of music by attempting to stuff all media into one, ...
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Apple Refund: Company To Refund Over $30 Mil. In App Case
As of late, this writer has seen a trend among the toddlers and young children she finds herself around; most of them are better at handling an iPhone...
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iOS 7 Update Hits iPhones, iPads & iPods Today
Update: A lot of people are having trouble downloading the update. The long-anticipated iOS 7 update comes to various iDevices today. The new operatin...
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Bastion Out Now For iPhone, iPod
Bastion is one of those indie titles that, like Braid and Limbo, gained popularity on the merits of its interesting art style, intriguing story, and s...
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Apple Launches Holiday Gift Guide Website
Apple doesn’t send out holiday mailers to mailboxes all over the country. It doesn’t need to, and paper spam would seem old-fashioned for ...
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New iPod Touch Pre-Orders Shipping Out Today
Did you pre-order the new iPod Touch as soon as it was announced last month? If so, you’ve been waiting for the vague release date of October to...
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New iPod Touch Expected To Launch In Three Weeks
The new iPod Touch was one of the more unexpected announcements during Apple’s iPhone 5 event. It was a given that Apple would refresh the iPod ...
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Apple Celebrates The Life Of Steve Jobs On The Anniversary Of His Death
Time moves rather quickly when you stop to think about it. It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been one year since the passing of Steve...
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iPhone 5 Event: New iPod Touch Announced
Though the iPhone 5 was certainly the highlight of Apple’s big announcement event today, the company still has a ton of announcements aside from...
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Apple Apparently Thinks People Still Buy iPod Touches
Apple is very successful at what they do. They are able to single-handedly convince people to hand over large amounts of money for iPhones and iPads. ...
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GameDock Could Turn Your iPhone Into a Console
It’s clear that traditional gaming on a smartphone is frustrating. Games that need more than a tap or a swipe have to overlay controls onto the ...
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Amazon Updates the Kindle App For iOS
Amazon this week updated its Kindle app for iOS. The iPhone and iPad versions both got improvements, though they were different for each. The iPad edi...
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Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone Released
Amazon announced today that the Amazon Cloud Player app is now available for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The app can now be downloaded for free thr...
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Netflix Streaming Player For iOS Updated
Netflix today announced that it has updated its streaming player inside the Netflix app for iOS devices. The asthetics of the player has been adjusted...
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Absinthe 2.0: How to Jailbreak Your iPhone
iPhone, iPad, and iPod users who want to use their devices more freely have always been in a race with Apple to keep ahead of updates. Because of that...
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