Apple Launches Holiday Gift Guide Website

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Apple doesn't send out holiday mailers to mailboxes all over the country. It doesn't need to, and paper spam would seem old-fashioned for the world's most valuable tech company. In fact, it probably doesn't need to put together a holiday gift guide at all, though it has.

Today, Apple launched its holiday gift guide website, featuring the perfect gifts for the Apple fans. The guide is split into four parts, one section for each of Apple's major products - iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the Mac category, which includes Macbooks, iMacs, and Apple TVs.

In addition to the Apple products themselves, Apple is selling a myriad of accessories for all Apple products. Aside from the requisite cases, headphones, adapters, and gift cards, the company has a few less-practical (but really cool) products. A few of the highlights are a USB Fender Stratocaster Guitar, an iPad edition of Monopoly, and bluetooth RC cars & flying drones.

Apple is providing free shipping for anything listed in the holiday gift guide, as well as all orders over $50. For impatient Apple fans, Apple also allows customers to purchase some of the items in the holiday gift guide and pick them up at a nearby Apple store.

There's no sign of a Google Play Android holiday gift website yet. With its new Nexus lineup, though, Google might finally have some products around which to base a few good accessories.