Bastion Out Now For iPhone, iPod


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Bastion is one of those indie titles that, like Braid and Limbo, gained popularity on the merits of its interesting art style, intriguing story, and solid, simple gameplay. In addition to these qualities, Bastion's aurally-pleasing narration also set it apart and made it unique.

Today, Supergiant Games, the developers of Bastion, announced that the game is now available for the iPhone. Bastion had previously been available for the iPad, and the newest update makes the game compatible with all of Apple's newest mobile devices. The game now works on iPads from generation 2 on, the new iPad Mini, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, and the newest iPod device. In addition, the game has been optimized to take advantage of the iPhone 5's retina display.

The game studio explained on its blog the reasoning behind putting what was originally a PC and console title onto smaller devices:

Then, a couple of months ago on September 12, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5. Now, we’d previously stated in our FAQ for the iPad version that we chose to focus exclusively on iPad both for technical reasons and because we “felt the game experience would not translate well to the iPhone’s smaller screen.” Well, the iPhone 5 added quite a bit of screen real estate, so we decided to take another look. And sure enough, we found that Bastion looked great and ran beautifully on the new device. Of course we still needed to update all the menu screens and re-tune the controls to fit the smaller form factor, not to mention implement iCloud support, so all that took a little while. But it’s finally ready!

Bastion costs $5 on any of the available Apple platforms. That isn't as inexpensive as the game potentially was as a part of the Humble Indie Bundle V, but is still a good price for a game that has won nearly universal acclaim.