Amazon Updates the Kindle App For iOS

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Amazon this week updated its Kindle app for iOS. The iPhone and iPad versions both got improvements, though they were different for each.

The iPad edition of the Kindle app received the more major changes, with the app now having smaller margins and a "cleaner" look. More exciting, though, is the new inclusion of comic books, graphic novels, and children's books, as seen above. The layout for these titles has been improved, and they are displayed in full color. Amazon states that over 1000 children's books are currently available, including titles from the Brown Bear and Curious George series.

The iPhone version of the Kindle app got more technical, but needed, upgrades. The app now has a search feature that allows users to search through their Kindle libraries for a specific title or author. An issue with the iPhone version that prevented it from looking up words in Google or Wikipedia has also now been fixed.

The Kindle app is available in the Apple App Store. It allows users to access their Kindle library and read books that are synched across any Kindle device or any device running the Kindle app. It is free and comes in a variety of languages, including the major romance languages, German, and Japanese.

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