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Tag: iPad 2

Will The iPad Mini Replace The iPad 2?
When Apple unveiled the new iPad earlier this year, the company reduced the price of the iPad 2. The price drop ensured the iPad 2 still had plenty of...
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Netflix Brings “Just For Kids” Section To iPad
Netflix has been pushing its “Just for Kids” section on stationary platforms like game consoles and PCs for a while now. It’s a grea...
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How Many Ports Of Myst Do We Really Need?
If you have been a gamer since the early 90s, you are probably aware of Cyan World’s Myst series. I got my start on the sequel, Riven, but I wen...
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iOS 6: Which Features Will Your Device Get?
Without a doubt, one of the biggest highlights of yesterday’s WWDC 2012 keynote was iOS 6. Apple’s latest mobile operating system packs in...
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iOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken, But Don’t Update Just Yet
Yesterday we brought you news that Apple had released iOS 5.1.1, a minor update that focused mainly on squashing a few bugs that had been discovered s...
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iPad 2 Gets A Battery Boost From New Processor
Last month we brought you a surprising story about the iPad 2. While most Apple products get a price reduction with the launch of their next-generatio...
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iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon-ish. Maybe.
If you’re a member of the iOS jailbreak community, you know that sometimes a jailbreaking a new version of iOS can take awhile. While Apple is l...
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iPad 2 Quietly Gets A Processor Upgrade
When Apple unveiled their new iPad early last month, they also announced that last year’s model, the iPad 2, would be getting a reduction in pri...
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Jailbreak For iOS 5.1 Still Weeks Away
When Apple unveiled their new iPad on March 7th they also rolled out iOS 5.1. This was great news for most iOS users, but frustrating for those (like ...
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iPad 2 vs New iPad – Can You See The Difference?
If you are currently in possession of both the iPad 2 and the recently released New iPad, are you able to tell the cosmetic difference between the two...
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New iPad Speed, Camera Compared to iPad 2 [Videos]
We just looked at a drop test comparison between the new iPad and the iPad 2. The new one is more durable (it’s also heavier). Now, let’s ...
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New iPad More Durable Than iPad 2?
GizmoSlip has put out a couple of videos drop testing the new iPad and the iPad 2. The iPad 2 failed the three foot drop (on its corner), while the ne...
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iPad 2 Trade-ins Up To $320 From Apple
Now that the New iPad (or “iPad 3” called by some) has now been released to the public today (March 16, 2012), existing iPad users are lef...
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New iPad Camera Is A Major Upgrade, Photos Confirm
Yesterday we reported on the first unboxing video for Apple’s new iPad. Somehow Vietnamese site got their hands on a White 16GB WiFi +...
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OnLive’s Windows 7 For iPad Service May Be In Trouble
OnLive, the game streaming company, announced the launch of their new technology in January that lets iPad 2 users stream a fully featured Windows 7 d...
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The Best Places to Sell an iPad 2
With many users upgrading to the New iPad, Digital Trends has provided some tips on how to get the most out of selling one’s iPad 2. With Apple&...
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iPad 2 Drops to $399
Apple has just announced that the price of the wifi-only model of the iPad 2 is now $399, to coincide with the launch of the iPad 3. Apple likely opte...
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New, Cheaper iPad 2 to Launch With iPad 3?
The latest leaks anticipate a newer, slimmer, cheaper version of the iPad 2 will launch today along with the much anticipated iPad 3, aka iPad HD. Dig...
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Air Force Awards Apple With $9 Million Order
In one of the military’s largest orders of computer tablets, the United States Air Force awarded Apple a $9.36 million contract to buy 18,000 Ap...
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Photoshop Touch Now Available For iPad 2
Photoshop is a fun little program that has inspired many works of art and many convincing fake images. Unfortunately, users were tethered to their des...
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