Netflix Brings "Just For Kids" Section To iPad

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Netflix has been pushing its "Just for Kids" section on stationary platforms like game consoles and PCs for a while now. It's a great way for parents to let their children run free on Netflix without worry. The only downside is that the section has only been available on the devices that parents also use frequently. Now kids can start watching their favorite Netflix programs on everybody's favorite tablet.

It was announced this morning that Netflix' "Just for Kids" section is now available on the iPad. All your child's favorite TV shows and movies will be available at their fingertips. No longer will your child be a nuisance when you're wanting to use the TV. They can plop down and start watching whatever cartoons kids watch these days.

Some parents will be left out of the "Just for Kids" section for now. It's only available on the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Netflix says that the section will be coming to the original iPad and Android tablets at a later date. By Android tablets, I'm going to assume they mean the Kindle Fire and Fire HD. After that, it will come to more open Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab. They could surprise overly cautious parents everywhere, however, by releasing it on all other devices at once.

As an aside, the above video uses Johnny Test as an example of kid friendly entertainment. Do your kid a favor and expose them to the far superior Dexter's Laboratory before they're able to formulate egregious opinions.

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