The Best Places to Sell an iPad 2

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With many users upgrading to the New iPad, Digital Trends has provided some tips on how to get the most out of selling one's iPad 2. With Apple's unveiling of the new iPad yesterday, values of older models are going to drop quickly, so the first thing to do is to act fast.

The best route is likely eBay - by running a traditional auction, or using eBay's Instant Sale program. At present, an iPad 2 Wifi-only version can net $356.80, while the AT&T 3G version can get up to $395. The Verizon 3G version is getting $385, and the 32G and 64GB models are obviously bringing in extra. If one doesn't like the offers generated per an instant sale, an auction can be conducted, which might net more, but takes longer, and is not always a full-proof way of getting paid. eBay uses PayPal to distribute the funds.

Another option for getting rid of an iPad 2 is Gazelle, an iOS recycling service. Similar to eBay's Instant Sale program, Gazelle is quick on payment, and handles shipping, sending a pre-paid box to the seller. Sellers can receive payment via check, Amazon gift card or a PayPal transfer. Though, Gazelles prices at present are considerably lower than eBay's - a like-new 32GB AT&T 3G iPad 2 is going for $250. This price dropped $100 dollars just recently, likely due to the new generation of iPad hitting the market.

Nextworth is also a good option. The electronics recycler is presently offering $317.10 for a 32GB Wifi-only iPad 2. A 16GB Wifi-only model goes for $291.89. Two other sites worth checking out are BuyMyTronics and CashYourTech, which value a 32GB iPad 2 at $275 and $222 respectively.

These prices will all likely drop quite quickly, so again, it's best to act fast, especially with the recent price drop of new Wifi-only iPad 2's.

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