New, Cheaper iPad 2 to Launch With iPad 3?

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The latest leaks anticipate a newer, slimmer, cheaper version of the iPad 2 will launch today along with the much anticipated iPad 3, aka iPad HD. Digitimes is reporting the cheaper iPad will rival other budget tablet models like the Kindle Fire and the upcoming Windows 8 tablets.

The site is reporting that the new tablet will include a 8GB hard drive, though it does not make claims as to how cheap it will be. Current iPads start around $500 dollars; the new iPad 3 is anticipated to keep this price point.

As of January, Apple has sold an estimated 55 million iPads. They are planning to keep this trend alive and bring in new buyers with today's releases. 78% of the new iPad sales are anticipated to be from first time buyers. Some people are even anticipating the market to take over laptops and ultrabooks, as touch-screen tablets continue to rise in popularity.

If rumors of the cheaper iPad 2 turn out to false, you can always purchase a used one on ebay or Craigslist. Insiders are anticipating up to 75% of current iPad owners plan to upgrade. That equates to a lot of previously owned iPads hitting the market at once. Current iPad 2 resale prices are around $325 on ebay.

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