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Tag: iOS 6

That Larger iPhone Won’t Be Out Until June 2014 [Rumor]
The iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have been the subject of rumors and speculation since the beginning of this year. Most seem to think that the former will l...
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Apple Adds ‘Download Later’ Option to iTunes Purchases
Apple has made a small update to its downloading options for iTunes purchases – small but potentially helpful. Starting now, users will be given...
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Facebook SDK 3.2 For iOS Now Available
It’s been quite a while since Facebook last updated its iOS SDK. The last update came out around the launch of the iPhone 5 to include support f...
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BlackBerry 10 Browser Speeds Ahead Of Competition
BlackBerry 10 officially launches at the end of this month. As such, more details about RIM’s hardware and software are starting to leak out. We...
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Google Maps May Be Spurring iOS 6 Adoption After All
Apple no doubt suffered some humiliation at the hands of Google this past week. Google finally released their own maps app for iOS, after Apple purged...
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Google Maps App Hasn’t Really Made People Flock to iOS 6
Last week, Google finally launched their native maps app for iOS and users rejoiced. Apple Maps, the map product the company introduced with the launc...
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Google Maps for iPhone is Good for Apple, Bad for Apple
Yesterday’s launch of Google Maps for iPhone is clearly a win for iPhone users. Apple Maps, despite being rather pretty, failed when it comes to...
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Google Maps for iPhone Arrives as Your Knight in Shining Armor
If you’ve been waiting to be rescued from the evil Apple Maps (and didn’t make a product switch when Tim Cook told you to), you are in luc...
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Apple (Partially) Fixes Australian Map Issue
It appears that Apple has made some adjustments to their beleaguered Maps product after it was accused of leading Australian motorists into a prickly ...
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Apple Maps Now Stranding People in the Middle of Nowhere, Australia
UPDATE: Apple has partially fixed the problem. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Yeah yeah, we all know that Apple Maps suck. But apparently the problem is worse than...
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Siri Gets Movie Ticket Purchasing In Upcoming iOS Update
When Apple launched iOS 6, it came with some enhancements to Siri. Amont those enhancements were the ability to get Siri to bring up movie reviews and...
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iOS 6.0.1 Update Coming Soon, Fixes Annoying Glitch
It shouldn’t be long until iOS users receive the first update to the system. According to BGR, their “reliable” Apple sources have c...
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Apple Maps Not a Problem for 90% of iOS 6 Users
Despite reports that the new Apple Maps product inside iOS 6 is the worst thing to happen to smartphone users shy of submerging their device in batter...
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Google Maps Street View Comes To Mobile Browser So iOS Users Have Access
Google announced today that it has added its Street View feature to Google Maps from the mobile browser. This means that iOS users who lost their belo...
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Facebook SDK For iOS Updated To Version 3.1.1
Facebook recently updated its iOS SDK to version 3.1 to take advantage of iOS 6. The update brought a number of other features, but there’s stil...
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Apple Maps Apparently Use Much Less Data Than Google Maps, So There’s That
Ever since Apple abandoned Google Maps for their own maps in iOS 6, well, it hasn’t been good (to say the least). There have been big problems w...
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Google: Here’s How To Use Google Maps On iOS
By now, you probably know the story. Apple dropped Google Maps from its Maps app on iOS 6. People don’t like Apple’s new version so much. ...
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Instagram’s iOS App is Now iPhone 5 Ready
Instagram becomes the next major app to ship an iPhone 5-specific update, as Instagram 3.1 is available to download now. According to a blog post, Ins...
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Apple: We Fell Short On Maps, But You Can Still Use Google Or Something Else
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably either heard or experienced first hand how bad Apple’s Maps product is. Appl...
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Google Maps Out of iOS 6 Over Voice Navigation Dispute, Sources Say
It’s clear now that Apple jumped the gun when it chucked out Google Maps for its own mapping software in iOS 6. Since the recent OS upgrade, iPh...
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