Apple Adds 'Download Later' Option to iTunes Purchases

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Apple has made a small update to its downloading options for iTunes purchases - small but potentially helpful.

Starting now, users will be given an option to download purchased content later.

When you purchase something, let's say a TV season, you'll be prompted with a "Download Now?" dialogue box. From there, you'll be given the option to download now or save it for later. if you choose "later," the content will be accessible to download any time in the future via the cloud.

The new download option will affect purchases of TV seasons, Season Pass, movie bundles, music box sets, or individual movies or TV episodes using iTunes 11 or iOS 6 or later.

It's not a huge update, but it's significant. Let's say you think of something that you want to buy, you buy it, but then you don't really have the connection to attempt a massive download. This feature could be incredibly useful for those who make a habit of downloading big packages.

Of course, the new download later option is only available for users who live in places where Apple supports iTunes in the cloud.

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