BlackBerry 10 Browser Speeds Ahead Of Competition

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BlackBerry 10 officially launches at the end of this month. As such, more details about RIM's hardware and software are starting to leak out. We already got a good look at the Z10 on Tuesday, and now the phone's browser is being put to the test. Spoilers: It's fast.

In a series of videos from GadgetMasters, a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpa B's browser speed is put against the browsers of an iPhone 5 running iOS 6 and a HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8. Both devices are lauded for their speedy browsers, but how do they hold up to the BlackBerry 10's WebKit-based browser?

Both videos illustrate that the BlackBerry 10's browser, at least at this point, is faster than both Safari and Internet Explorer in iOS 6 and Windows Phone 8 respectively. The BlackBerry 10 browser also has a higher HTML5 score at least when compared to Windows Phone 8.

The only thing we don't know for sure is how fast BlackBerry 10 is compared to Android. Granted, it's hard to test something against Android due to the variety of devices and builds. The most effective test would be to see how it stacks up to a Nexus 4 or Galaxy S III running Chrome.

Beyond that, it's important to note that the BlackBerry 10 phone on hand is not final hardware or software. The browser could be even faster when the device launches later this month. Of course, the browser is only one component of a smartphone, and other devices may easily beat out the BlackBerry 10 in other areas. We won't know for sure until people get the final device in their hands and run it through a battery of tests.

For now, however, we can say that Windows Phone 8 has been smoked by BlackBerry 10.

[h/t: BGR]