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Tag: Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft’s New Internet Explorer Ad Has No Right To Be This Catchy
I’m a sucker for a catchy song even when the subject matter is a little morose. It explains why I still can’t get Dumb Ways To Die out of ...
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Microsoft Advertises Do Not Track In Internet Explorer
Microsoft has been one of the strongest proponents of Do Not Track since it announced that Internet Explorer 10 would turn it on by default. Advertise...
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Is Native WebGL Support Coming To Internet Explorer 11?
For all of its talk of supporting open Web standards, Internet Explorer 10 still lacked one important part of the open Web ecosystem – WebGL. Su...
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Microsoft’s Latest Internet Explorer 10 Ads Drop The Humor
In the past, Microsoft has been rather witty with its Internet Explorer 10 ads as it continued its self-deprecating “The Browser You Loved To Ha...
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Internet Explorer 10 Finally Available On Windows 7
After launching with Windows 8 in October of last year, Internet Explorer 10 has only been available as a release preview on Windows 7. That all chang...
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Internet Explorer 10 Adoption Slow Going, Still Strong Overall
In a perfect world, everybody who uses Internet Explorer would be on the latest version so all the problems affecting IE8 wouldn’t be happening....
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Microsoft Appeals To Your Inner 90s Kid In Latest Internet Explorer Ad
I was born in 1989, and I grew up through the decade that we collectively call the 90s. I think we can all agree it was a weird decade populated by we...
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Internet Explorer 10 Is Now Available On Windows 7
Internet Explorer 10 is an interesting beast. It was built with Windows 8, and touch, in mind. It launched with Microsoft’s new operating system...
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Microsoft Thinks Internet Explorer 10 Is Perfect For Windows 8
Windows 8 launched at midnight and is now making its way into the hands of early adopters everywhere. Those early adopters, if they’re using Win...
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Online Advertisers Create Anti-“Do Not Track” Advocacy Group
Online advertisers really hate Microsoft and their stance on “Do Not Track.” The conflict between the two came to a head last week when th...
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In A Surprise Move, Congress Claims To Care About Your Privacy
Congress has proven time and time again that they don’t care whatsoever about your privacy. These are the same guys that tried to shove CIPSA an...
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This Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Might Be Too Honest
Microsoft has made some decent commercials for its Internet Explorer 9 browser. The latest was an artsy tour-de-force that featured rave reviews from ...
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Atari Embraces HTML5 In Internet Explorer 10
I know it may seem unreal, but Internet Explorer is actually a decent browser these days. The latest iteration – IE10 – is already availab...
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Internet Explorer 10 Shows Off Its HTML5 Might With Pulse
Microsoft is really pushing Internet Explorer 10 as we near the launch of Windows 8. The newest version of the infamous browser promises to be faster,...
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Microsoft Improves JavaScript Performance In Windows 8
As a long time follower of Microsoft, it’s still surprising to see the company embracing open Web standards. The company is so enamored with the...
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Internet Explorer 10 First Browser With ‘Do Not Track’ by Default
When Microsoft’s Windows 8 arrives to a computer near you it will have Internet Explorer 10 in tow, and with that browser will come a “Do ...
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Leaked Microsoft Document Provides Roadmap For Major Products
An apparent roadmap showing Microsoft’s plans for future products has been leaked. The images show Microsoft’s release plans for numerous ...
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Deliver Updates Through Pinned Sites For Windows 8
If you’ve been taking part in the Windows 8 consumer preview, you’ve most likely noticed pinned sites on the Metro interface. It’s e...
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Internet Explorer 10 Launch Options Expanded For Windows 8
We live in strange times, my friends. The world is said to end on December 21 (spoiler: it’s not), UK is playing UofL in the Final Four and, per...
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Is Windows 8 Turning Your Desktop into a Mobile Device?
Microsoft is on top of the world right now–well, at the top of the tech section of Google News, anyway–after it unveiled its Metro user in...
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