Microsoft's Latest Internet Explorer 10 Ads Drop The Humor

IT Management

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In the past, Microsoft has been rather witty with its Internet Explorer 10 ads as it continued its self-deprecating "The Browser You Loved To Hate" ad campaign. It didn't really sell people on the browser, but hey, the ads made us laugh or fondly remember how stupid Pongs were.

Unfortunately, the latest ads for Internet Explorer drop this trend of humor in favor of targeting the ever important 18 to 34 male demographic with ads about sports and video games. Sure, it's an important demographic, but are they really going to care that they can pin ESPN's Web site to the Start menu?

Likewise, will they care about playing the only touch-optimized HTML5 game on Internet Explorer 10?

Much like its previous ad campaign, Microsoft has also launched a Web site with the ad campaign called "Beauty of the Web." I can appreciate the sentiment as the Web is quite beautiful, but it's somewhat misleading as Internet Explorer still doesn't natively support WebGL. Until it does, Internet Explorer won't be able to display some of the more beautiful things on the Web.