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Go Enable Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Right Now
In what could be a lifesaver for many, Google has finally graduated a particularly helpful Gmail feature from Labs to primetime. Gmail on the web now ...
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When Was the First Mail Delivered via the Pony Express? Playable Google Doodle Honors 155th Anniversary
Google is trying to make sure you don’t get anything done at work today – something at which the company excels. Today’s homepage featur...
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Netflix Stopped Shipping on Saturdays, By the Way
Though there is still a dedicated contingent of Netflix users who still take advantage of the DVD-by-mail service, the rise of streaming has definitel...
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USPS Stamps: 2014 Line-Up Emphasizes Pop-Culture
Each time the Earth makes one revolution around the Sun, the denizens of the planet get excited for all of the new possibilities, opportunities, innov...
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Postage Increase: New Price Rates May Be a ‘Lose-Lose Proposition’
A forewarning on changes in stamp prices has been reported since last year, informing Americans to look forward to an increase in costs for the new ye...
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Tax Forms: Where To Go To Obtain Them
It’s the time of year that everybody dreads…tax time. While it something that we all try to avoid doing, it simply has to be done. So, whe...
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Mailbox Theft Brings Federal Action, 27 People Charged
Snail mail isn’t as popular as it once was, especially with the prevalence and ease of email, but it is still a useful, important part of many a...
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Postage Increase: Stamps Get Pricier
I don’t think anyone thought they’d live to see the day when stamps were practically fifty cents each. The US Postal Service’s regul...
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Stamps Increase: USPS Seeks To Raise The Price
The USPS is seeking to increase the price of stamps, which will certainly be disapproved of by American citizens. The postal service is planning a 3-c...
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Stamp Prices May Soon Increase Again [Report]
You know how the U.S. Postal Service keeps raising the price of postage? Well, get used to it, because it looks like the price of stamps may soon be r...
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Should The Post Office Keep Saturday Mail?
There has been talk of the United States Postal Service ending Saturday mail delivery for years now. In recent months it appeared to be getting closer...
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Microsoft Updates Mail, Calendar and People Apps On Windows 8
Windows 8 users have probably come to know three apps very well – Mail, Calendar and People. To help provide a better experience to those using ...
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Postal Service Cuts Saturday Deliveries, But Who Will Be Most Affected?
The USPS has been the topic of much debate over the past couple of years as it reviews its options now that the digital world has seemingly rendered m...
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“Take This Lollipop” Sequel Gets a Kickstart
Last Halloween, a viral experience took the internet by storm, leaving a trail of freak-out social media users in its wake. Do you remember the intera...
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Kinect-Powered Interactive NUads Coming To Xbox Live
Are you ready for commercials on Xbox Live? No? What if I told you you could interact with them via the Kinect controller, would that change your mind...
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Watch A Creepy Dude Facebook Stalk You With “Take This Lollipop”
Whenever you see that now-famous Facebook allow box, the one that allows applications access to all your awesome personal data in order to work proper...
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Can the Post Office Survive the Digital Age?
In an article earlier this year, we asked, “Is email killing the post office?” Well, the post office is not dead yet, but it’s not h...
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Is Email Killing the Post Office?
Is email killing the post office? It’s not a new question. In fact, it’s been around nearly as long as the mainstream use of email itself,...
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Amazon Against Post Office Ending Saturday Mail Delivery. Netflix Ok With it.
As you may know, there is talk that the U.S. Postal Service could end mail delivery on Saturdays. Internet companies that ship items to consumers d...
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