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IBM’s Latest Tape Drive Offers 50 TB of Storage Capacity
IBM has introduced its latest tape drive, sporting up to 50 TB of storage, a 250% increase over the previous model....
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Only Half of Organizations Increase Security Spending After a Breach
It's said that insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result, yet that is how half of organizations approach cybersecur...
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IBM’s Watsonx Is Now Available for Enterprise Customers
IBM has begun deploying IBM watsonx, its next-generation AI aimed at enterprise customers....
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Oracle Calls Out Red Hat and IBM Over RHEL Source Code
Oracle is weighing in on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux debacle, promising it will never restrict access to its own source code....
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IBM Retires Its Education Cloud Platform Just Two Years After Launch
IBM announced it is retiring its Education Cloud service, barely more than two years after touting it as a way to help institutions tackle remote lear...
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Red Hat Responds to Backlash About Its Source Code Decision
Red Hat has responded to backlash about its RHEL source code decision, confirming the suspected reasons behind it while still defending the choice....
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IBM Strikes Deal to Purchase Apptio for $4.6 Billion
IBM has entered a deal to purchase Apptio for $4.6 billion from Vista Equity Partners, a move that will support the company's hybrid cloud endeavors....
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Italy Takes Steps to Protect Workers From AI
Italy is taking steps to protect workers from AI, setting aside funds to help train those most likely to face job losses as a result of the tech....
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IBM Unveils Watsonx, Its Generative AI Platform
IBM, one of the early leaders in AI, has launched an all-new generative AI and data platform, Watsonx....
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IBM CEO Sees 30% of Back-Office Roles Being Replaced With AI
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna says the company could replace 30% of its back-office roles with AI and is pausing hiring to give time for it to work out....
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Red Hat Is Laying Off Hundreds of Workers
Red Hat is joining the list of companies laying off employees, with plans to let hundreds of workers go....
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IBM’s LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers Are Now Available
IBM has announced the general availability of its LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers for mission-critical workloads....
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IBM and Nokia to Deliver Private 5G Environments
IBM and Nokia are working together to give customers the ability to design and deploy private 5G environments....
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Red Hat Signs Partnership to Bring RHEL to Oracle Cloud
Red Hat has signed a major partnership with Oracle to bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure....
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IBM Laying Off 3,900 Employees
Big Blue is joining the list of tech companies laying off employees, announcing it would cut 3,900 jobs....
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IBM’s Entire AIX Development Is Now Based in India
IBM's entire AIX development effort has been moved to India, a stark change from just a few months ago....
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IBM Stock Was the Real Winner Among Big Tech in 2022
IBM may fly under radar, compared to its Big Tech rivals, but Big Blue was the real winner in 2022....
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IBM Is Raising Storage Prices
IBM is raising the price of storage for customers outside the US, the latest indication of the effects of growing inflation....
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IBM Launches Business Analytics Enterprise to Tackle Data Silos
IBM has launched a new suite of business tools designed to help companies break down information silos and better utilize data....
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IBM Beats Expectations On Strong Hybrid Cloud Results
IBM turned in its third-quarter results, beating expectation on strong hybrid cloud results....
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