Accounting Giant Ernst & Young May Split Into Two Companies

Accounting firm Ernst & Young may be poised to split into two companies following a Labor Day meeting by the company’s leaders.

Microsoft Organizing Cloud Vendors to Take On Amazon’s Government Dominance

Microsoft is working to put a dent in Amazon’s dominance in the government agency cloud computing space, organizing its rivals to help.

Judge Orders IBM to Pay BMC $1.6 Billion

A federal judge has ordered IBM to pay BMC $1.6 billion for “intentional wrongdoing” when it poached mutual clients from the latter.

Cloud Computing Market to Hit $750 Billion in 2027, Driven by Hybrid Cloud

The global cloud market is set to expand at a rapid pace, reaching $750 billion by 2027, thanks in large part to the growth of hybrid cloud options.

IBM and AWS Collaborate to Deliver IBM Software as-a-Service

IBM and AWS have signed a collaboration agreement to provide IBM’s significant software catalog as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on AWS.

IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy Pays Off in Latest Quarterly Results

IBM has released its latest quarterly results, lending support to the company’s efforts to pivot to a hybrid cloud provider.

Microsoft Azure Usage Pulls Ahead of AWS

Microsoft continues to gain ground in the cloud market, even pulling ahead of leader AWS in some usage scnarios.

IBM and SAP Partner to Assist Companies Move to the Cloud

IBM and SAP have announced a deepening of their existing partnership, with the goal of helping more companies move their SAP workflows to the cloud.

Want Week-Long Battery Life on Your Phone? IBM and Samsung May Deliver

IBM and Samsung are working on a new way to stack semiconductor transistors that may result in phones with week-long battery life.

Toshiba Announces Plan to Split Into Three Companies

Toshiba is the latest company splitting up, with plans to split into three separate companies.

Cloud Giants Announce ‘Trusted Cloud Principles’

Microsoft, Amazon and Google have announced “Trusted Cloud Principles,” an industry initiative aimed at protecting customer rights in the cloud.

Oracle Pursues Defunct JEDI Contract Review

‘Don’t beat a dead horse’ doesn’t seem to be a phrase Oracle is familiar with, as the company continues to pursue its JEDI contract case.

Big Tech Pledges Billions, Jobs and Training to Boost US Cybersecurity

President Joe Biden met with leaders of the biggest tech firms, securing commitments from them to help improve US cybersecurity.

IBM Unveils Fraud-Detecting AI Processor

IBM has unveiled the Telum Processor, an AI-powered processor that will be central to the company’s next-gen IBM Z and LinuxONE systems.

Intel Wins Pentagon Contract for US-Made Chips

Intel has won part of a $100 million contract to build US-made chips for the Pentagon, a win for the company’s upcoming foundry division.

Cloud Infrastructure Spending Hit $42 Billion in Q2

The cloud infrastructure market continued its impressive gains, with spending hitting $42 billion in Q2, according to Synergy Research Group.

Linux Foundation Tackles Data Collaboration With Permissive License

The Linux Foundation has announced the CDLA-Permissive-2.0 license agreement to make it easier to share AI and ML data.

The Deal Is Done: Slack Is Officially Part of Salesforce

Salesforce has completed its $27.7 billion acquisition of Slack, combining the leading CRM platform with one of the leading messaging platforms.

IBM Brings It’s Quantum System One to Germany

IBM has unveiled its first quantum computer outside the US, bringing the Quantum System One to Germany.

TSMC and MIT Leapfrog IBM, Make 1nm Breakthrough

TSMC and MIT have made a major advancement in semiconductor design, with a 1nm breakthrough.