Qualcomm: Phone Makers to Unveil iPhone-Style Satellite Tech

Qualcomm has said more phone manufacturers plan to roll out satellite connectivity, much like Apple’s latest iPhone.

Huawei Sales Down 32% As Company Reels From Sanctions

Huawei sales are down 32% from last year as the company continues to struggle with sanctions from the US and its allies.

Honor Magic3 Sports Google Software

Honor has introduced its new flagship phone, the Magic3, and its biggest feature is Google’s software.

Huawei Looking at Patent Licensing to Stay In 5G Game

Huawei is turning to its portfolio of 5G patents in an effort to offset the losses its traditional 5G business has suffered.

Huawei May Be Pivoting to Electric Vehicles

After suffering devastating losses as a result of US sanctions, Huawei may be preparing to pivot to electric vehicles.

Huawei Will Cut Smartphone Shipments by More Than 60% in 2021

Huawei has informed suppliers that it will cut smartphone shipments by at least 60% in 2021.

Huawei Throws In the Towel, Decides to Sell Smartphone Business

Huawei is selling its Honor line of smartphones in the midst of crippling sanctions by the US government.