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Tag: hoaxes

Jennifer Aniston May Very Well Be a Great Person, But That Viral Facebook Post Isn’t True
Jennifer Aniston may very well be a wonderful person, but the heartwarming story about her helping a homeless girl that’s making the Facebook ro...
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Facebook Privacy Hoax Is Idiotic, But Privacy Isn’t – Here’s How to Manage Yours
Over the past week, you may have seen a friend or family member post something like this: Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Fac...
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Facebook Privacy Hoax Still Making the Rounds, Still Dumb As Ever
Every time one of these Facebook privacy hoaxes starts making the rounds, I don’t want to write anything about it. It’s like beating a dea...
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Facebook May Not Let You Edit Article Headlines Anymore So That ‘Publishers’ Content Is Not Misrepresented’
Though it’s not an entirely new phenomenon, headline skimming has most certainly increased in the social media era. Who the hell has time to rea...
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Fake Twitter Buyout Article Fools Everyone, Sends Stock Soaring
Hoax articles – fooling everyone from your racist uncle on Facebook to top Wall Street investors. An article suggesting that Twitter had received a ...
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No, a Drone Didn’t Crash into an Airplane
A video of a small drone crashing into the wing of an airplane isn’t real, so stop sharing it. Or keep sharing it, but make sure you put it in t...
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Facebook ‘Powerball’ Scam Screws Woman out of $10K
Neither Facebook nor its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are ever going to give you money, unless you’re a charity – then you might get a fat donation fro...
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Kanye West Wasn’t Banned from the Grammys Damnit Stop Sharing These Hoax Articles
A disclaimer at the bottom of every page on the site reads: is the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website with t...
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Facebook Is Finally Trying to Stop Those Dumb Hoaxes from Spreading
If the grand experiment that is social media has taught us one thing, it’s that people have no shame. If it’s taught us anything else, it&...
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Facebook Hoax Promises Hot Snapchat Photos, Delivers Only Fraud
If you’re scrolling through your news feed and come across a pair of boobs and a promise of hot Snapchats, ignore your impulses and avoid. It...
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Faceboozled: The Facebook Hoaxes That Duped Your Gullible Friends (and Likely Will Again)
“You can’t believe everything that you read, and that goes double for stuff on Facebook.” – Mark Zuckerberg* Recently, a very ...
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Ricky Martin Isn’t Dead, Just Chillin in #Heaven
Ricky Martin is alive and well, relaxing on the beach in #heaven. Martin is the latest victim of the ubiquitous celebrity death hoax, as the internet ...
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Facebook Privacy Hoax Returns to Dupe the Highly Dupable
Don’t be the guy who posts that completely useless privacy notice on Facebook … again. Hey, better safe than sorry, right? Wrong. Just say...
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Hugh Hefner Falls Victim to Internet Death Hoax
Like many before him and still many more to come, Playboy Hugh Hefner was recently killed – by the Internet. Over the weekend, an article appeared o...
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Facebook Monthly Fee Hoax Resurfaces, Is Still Incredibly Stupid
“Facebook is a free site and will never require that you pay to continue using the site.” You may not trust Facebook all of the time, but ...
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Betty White Isn’t Dead, Just the Victim of a Bad Pun
Betty White, the 92-year-old comedienne and actress who seems to only get better with age, is fine. Despite what you may have heard on Twitter, White ...
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‘Facebook Drug Task Force’ Hoax Shows Desperate Need for More Satire Tags
Last week, Facebook began reminding idiots that The Onion, as well as articles from other “satirical” sources, were in fact satire. And li...
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Orange Is The New Black Wasn’t Canceled, It’s Just a Dumb Hoax
Despite what you might have read over the weekend, the ladies of Litchfield will be back for a third season. Self-proclaimed “satirical and ente...
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Cloned Dinosaur Story is a Complete Hoax
Last week a story appearing on the website reported that British scientists had successfully cloned a dinosaur. Citing scientists and sp...
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Facebook Shutting Down Hoax Resurfaces, Inexplicably
Hey guys – read this and let me know what you think: Dear Facebook members, Facebook is supposed to be closing down March 15th because it is bec...
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