Ricky Martin Isn't Dead, Just Chillin in #Heaven

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Ricky Martin is alive and well, relaxing on the beach in #heaven.

Martin is the latest victim of the ubiquitous celebrity death hoax, as the internet killed him off over the weekend.

The hoax seems to have originated from a YouTube video, in which a poorly-dubbed official at a press conference reports the singer had been killed in a car crash. The video also shows what is supposed to be footage of the actual crash. An accompanying "report" said that Martin had been driving his brand new BMW over the speed limit and lost control of the car, swerving violently and ultimately slamming into a retaining wall and bursting into flames.

It's quite the gruesome end for the pop star – and it's also completely untrue.

Martin took to Instagram to confirm his continued existence, acknowledging the hoax in a pretty funny way.

Hello from #heaven.

Una foto publicada por Ricky (@ricky_martin) el

#Sunset in #heaven

Una foto publicada por Ricky (@ricky_martin) el

The video, published on January 3, has already amassed nearly 400,000 views. This is how fast things spread, people. Stay skeptical.

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