Jennifer Aniston May Very Well Be a Great Person, But That Viral Facebook Post Isn't True


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Jennifer Aniston may very well be a wonderful person, but the heartwarming story about her helping a homeless girl that's making the Facebook rounds is not true.

Well, it may be a true story, but it's not about Jennifer Aniston.

The post, which was shared by Jennifer Aniston Fans, a Facebook community page dedicated to the actress, details a first-person account of seeing a teenage mother in need of help, giving her some money, talking to her, and helping her and her baby make their way home.

The post has over 460,000 likes and 73,000 shares.

"I was day tripping to Vancouver from Seattle and stopped in for lunch at a little cafe. From my window I saw a young teenage girl out in the cold, squatted down in a closed up business doorway, holding a small bundle in her arms. She was panhandling, people were mostly walking by ignoring her. She just looked broken." reads the post.

"I drove her down to the bus station and bought her a bus ticket home. Gave her $100 cash for incidentals, and some formula, diapers, wipes, snacks for the road. Got to the bus, and she just cried saying thank you over and over. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and a hug, kissed her baby, and she got on the bus. I get a christmas card every year from her. She's 21 now and in college. Her name is Alice and her baby was Joe. I've never really told anyone about this. I just feel good knowing I did something good in this world."

Check out the post below:

"I was day tripping to Vancouver from Seattle and stopped in for lunch at a little cafe. From my window I saw a young...

Posted by Jennifer Aniston Fans on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Heartwarming, right?

Sure, but it's not really Jennifer Aniston writing that. In fact, the story comes from a redditor who posted it many years ago.

Jennifer Aniston's rep confirmed the story isn't about her, and that we should all be wary of anything we see on social media regarding Aniston.

“That is not a story from Jennifer – we have no idea where it came from,” her publicist Stephen Huvane told BuzzFeed. “Jennifer does not participate in social media so most of what you see is fake.”

If people would've bothered to read the entire post, they would've found this disclaimer at the bottom:

This story is not related to any celebrity and the person in the picture is just a wonderful fan and it's not related to her but a story worth sharing!

Sneaky, sneaky fans pages.