Facebook Hoax Promises Hot Snapchat Photos, Delivers Only Fraud

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If you're scrolling through your news feed and come across a pair of boobs and a promise of hot Snapchats, ignore your impulses and avoid. It's a scam.

Specifically, you might see links to articles called "10 Hottest Leaked Snapchats Ever" or "Welcome to new batch of Snapchat leaked."

If you click, you'll likely be taken to fraudulent websites under the guise of "viraltruck", "viraldips", or "trendingusa". According to security provider Bitdefender, such sites have been blacklisted.

Instead of leaked Snapchats, you'll get a headache. That's because such sites are usually involved in phishing, survey scams, malware, and even identity fraud.

In all instances – just keep scrolling.

Bitdefender also warns that these sorts of hoaxes will be on the rise in 2015. This "hot Snapchat" scam is already one of the most-circulated on Facebook this year.

"Tabloid-titled scams will continue to affect curious users this year, Bitdefender researchers warn. A study in 2014 revealed that scams promising horrid videos and pictures represented less than 1 per cent of scams flooding the network. However, researchers expect this to grow with the vivid interest users have for anything 'leaked' and 'horrendous.'

Of course, scams promising sexy content aren't the only ones you need to worry about. Just last week, one of Facebook's most notorious and un-killable hoaxes reared its ugly head – the privacy notice hoax. With this hoax, users are tricked into posting a legalese, but ultimately utterly useless message to safeguard their IP rights on the site.

This latest Snapchat photos hoax falls into the #6 category on our hoax roundup – the you're gonna get to see someone nekkid hoax.

There are plenty of places to see people naked on the internet. Facebook isn't one of them.

Be smart.

Image via Bitdefender HotforSecurity blog

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