Harvard Business School: ‘Current Hiring System Is Broken’

Harvard Business School has released a new report highlighting just how “broken” the current hiring system is.

Outreach CEO: The Rise Of The Revenue Innovator

“We’re seeing the rise of what we call the “revenue innovator, says Outreach CEO Manny Medina.” The new job description is the revenue innovators, the digital-first, and the digital native.

Snowflake CEO: Once You Get To The Cloud The Lid Is Off

Once you get to the cloud all of a sudden the lid is off says Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman. People can just pursue their backlogs and whatever they can imagine.

Amazon Raises Warehouse Hires to 175,000

Amazon announced it has hired the initial 100,000 warehouse workers it originally pledged, and is now hiring an additional 75,000.

Microsoft Continues Cloud Hiring, Freezes Other Areas

As the global pandemic continues to take its toll, Microsoft is freezing hiring for many roles, but is continuing to hire for its cloud division.

Facebook Plans to Hire 10,000 People This Year In Product and Engineering

Facebook plans to hire some 10,000 people for its product and engineering teams this year, according to COO Sheryl Sandberg.

KENTECH Launches ClarityIQ, Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Hiring Process

Kenneth Coats, founder, and CEO of KENTECH Consulting says that “the lesson I would pass on to other entrepreneurs is to simplify.”

How to Find Seasonal Employees For Your Small Business When Unemployment is Low

Unfortunately for retailers, finding extra employees won’t be easy. The US job market is very worker-friendly at the moment, thanks to the record low unemployment rate.

Survey Finds 1/3 of Companies Not Satisfied with Digital Employees

Accenture has a new report out called Organizing for Digital Success, which is based on the survey of over 200 digital executives in the U.S. at companies with revenue of $1 billion to over $75 billion. These include CMO CDO,…

LinkedIn Names Top 25 Skills of the Year

Just as it did last year, LinkedIn revealed the top 25 skills that can get you hired this year. “With 2015 in the rearview mirror, LinkedIn analyzed hiring and recruiting activity and uncovered the 25 hottest global skills in the…