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How to Make Hire Slow Fire Fast Work for Your Organization

Hire slow fire fast may sound like good advice, but it is really that easy to implement? Learn more about how to make this a reality....
How to Make Hire Slow Fire Fast Work for Your Organization
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Many companies in the U.S have experienced hiring struggles in the U.S. since the start of the COVID pandemic.  There has been a shift in the job landscape that is putting a larger focus on how companies are hiring and firing their employees.  

    Almost 75% of employers have said they hired the wrong person for a position.  Amazon fulfillment centers offer full-time employees as much as $5,000 to quit but with the caveat of those quitting not being allowed to work at Amazon again. fired 900 employees on a Zoom call in December 2021, which was criticized and considered harsh by many on social media.  Companies like these follow an old concept in business that employers should be slow to hire but quick to fire. 

    What does hire slow, fire fast really mean? Hiring slowly means that you give yourself time to carefully consider your needs and expectations, draft a new job description based on business goals, describe the skills and attributes needed for long-term success, and consider how well candidates will complement team dynamics.  

    Firing quickly doesn’t have to happen in an extreme situation.  Sometimes you end up through the firing process if you hire the wrong person.  However, you can avoid firing often if you try to forgive mistakes, think of firing as a hiring mistake and confront it head-on, focus on the long-term benefits, and approach employees with compassion while aiding their transition.  

    However, there are a few things hire slow, fire fast does not mean. It doesn’t mean hiring the right person when you find them.  Be sure to give yourself time to consider and not just hire the person because they applied early.  It also doesn’t mean to expect the perfect hire to drop right into your lap because most employees that fit your criteria can be trained to be excellent in their role.  

    All at the Right Pace

    Hiring slowly and firing quickly does not involve firing employees on a whim.  Fast firing is not a replacement for training, coaching, or changing roles to better suit a good employee.  It doesn’t signify having overly specific expectations as well.  Selective hiring is a luxury; employers still need to create a company where people want to work.  

    Hiring and firing at the right speed is good for employees and employers.  They maintain positivity and good company culture because teams that naturally work well together could be made.  Finding a good hiring and firing speed can ensure company success as well by minimizing bureaucracy and bloat while keeping the company agile.  

    The best benefit is the better long-term success for everyone.  If an employee is a bad fit, they won’t be happy staying which will negatively affect the rest of the team.  

    In Conclusion

    November 2021 saw more than 4 million people voluntarily leaving their jobs.  With all of the changes happening in the job market at the moment, it is more important now than ever to hire slowly so employers can find people who will help the company in the long run while making employees happy at their new job.

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