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Tag: Hillary Clinton

Russian Gov Hackers Were Stealing Info From Dems For Over A Year
The Washington Post is reporting that Russian government hackers penetrated DNC computers over a year ago and have everything including all email and ...
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Bill Clinton: GOP Supporters Jump On “Awful Legacy Of The Last Eight Years” Remarks
Bill Clinton surprised everyone today when he gave a speech in support of his wife, calling her the only one that can help “put the awful legacy...
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George Clooney Backs Hillary Clinton, Calls Her “Voice of Tolerance and Experience”
George Clooney has thrown his support behind Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, doing so in a letter to her supporters on Monday. The letter ser...
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Nancy Reagan Erroneously Credited By Hillary Clinton For H.I.V./AIDS Activism, Gets Backlash From Gay Community
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is being criticized after stating that former first lady Nancy Reagan “started a national conversa...
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Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton: Has Parents’ Race to White House Destroyed Their Friendship?
Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton became fast friends when their husbands introduced them several years ago. Recent comments on behalf of Donald Trump&...
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Louis C.K., Actor and Comedian, Tells Fans Not to Vote for Donald Trump
Louis C.K. urged his fans and followers in an email on Saturday morning not to cast their votes for Donald Trump. It was while announcing the upcoming...
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Louis C.K. Urges Fans Not to Vote for Donald Trump
Louis C.K. emailed his followers on Saturday morning, urging them not to vote for Donald Trump. Louis C.K. sends out an epic email obliterating the ca...
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Bill Clinton: Petition Calls For Arrest And Prosecution Of Bill For Polling Violation
Bill Clinton is in some hot, well at least warm, water for violating a Massachusetts state voting law that prohibits campaigning for or against a cand...
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Monica Lewinsky Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign Ahead of Safer Internet Day
Monica Lewinsky is back in the news. No, she isn’t campaigning for or against Hillary Clinton. She is, however, launching her own anti-bullying ...
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Gloria Steinem Apologizes for Comment She Made About Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders
Gloria Steinem made a rather controversial comment to Bill Maher on Friday, indicating that young women voters are backing Bernie Sanders so they can ...
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Susan Sarandon Calls Bernie Sanders “Untainted,” Calls Hillary Clinton a “Follower”
Susan Sarandon is stumping for Bernie Sanders in Iowa this week, insisting he’s the only choice for Americans. The actress and liberal activist ...
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Lena Dunham Says Media Is Sexist When Covering Hillary Clinton
According to Girls creator Lena Dunham, the media’s coverage of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been “rabidly sexist” She...
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Monica Lewinsky: Donald Trump Using Former Intern in Personal Attack on Hillary Clinton
Monica Lewinsky is back to bring shame upon the Clinton family–at least that’s Donald Trump’s intention. His campaign dredged up an ...
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Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders Seriously Question Weekend Debates
Democratic presidential hopefuls Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders are seriously questioning the feasibility of debates that are held on weeken...
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Katy Perry Backs Hillary, Hijacks Her Instagram Account
Katy Perry is a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, and the singer got a treat over the weekend when she performed at a political rally and took over C...
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Jennifer Lawrence Receives Big Compliment from Hillary Clinton
When Jennifer Lawrence wrote her recent op-ed, speaking out against gender inequality, she wasn’t looking for compliments. She was simply lookin...
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Julian Castro Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says She Has Broad Appeal
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Speaking at a Latinos for Hillary event i...
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Olivia Wilde Is Blaming ‘Pure Sexism’ For Political Attacks On Hillary Clinton, ‘It’s Ridiculous’
Olivia Wilde is blaming “pure sexism” for political attacks on Hillary Clinton. In the midst of battle for equal pay by females in the fil...
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A Conservative Take On The Democratic Debate
Here are some random thoughts from a conservative perspective on the CNN Facebook Democratic Debate. Later, we will present a viewpoint from a liberal...
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Jimmy Fallon Brings Jay Leno Back to “The Tonight Show” for Surprise Appearance
Jimmy Fallon surprised his audience, as well as viewers at home, on Tuesday night when he brought Jay Leno back to The Tonight Show. Fallon started th...
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