Bill Clinton: GOP Supporters Jump On "Awful Legacy Of The Last Eight Years" Remarks

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Bill Clinton surprised everyone today when he gave a speech in support of his wife, calling her the only one that can help "put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us."

Bill Clinton's comments caused an uproar before campaign aids came out to clarify that his statement was purely about Republican obstructionism.

They also tried to say that the comment by Bill Clinton is being taken out of context as right-wing outlets continued to seize on the remarks and social media consequently blew up.

Bill Clinton's full statement was, “If you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that when we were practicing trickle-down economics, then you should vote for her because she’s the only person who basically had good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them.”

It has a nice ring to it.

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Hillary Clinton spokesman Angel Urena said of the remarks, “After President Obama was elected, Republicans made it their number one goal to block him at every turn. That unprecedented obstruction these last eight years is their legacy.”

She added, “And the American people should reject it by electing Hillary Clinton to build on President Obama's success so we can all grow and succeed together.”

Even Bernie Sanders got in a little dig at Bill Clinton.

Do you think Bill Clinton meant Republicans or did he accidentally let his real opinion of President Obama's administration slip?

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