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Tag: HBO Go

Sesame Street Heads to HBO in Five-Year Deal
The iconic Sesame Street, which has aired on PBS for 45 years, is moving to HBO. Don’t worry – you won’t have to subscribe to HBO to wat...
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HBO NOW is Now Available on Apple Devices
If you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple TV, a reliable internet connection, and $15 per month to spare, you can now access HBO. HBO NOW, the cable su...
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HBO Is Ready to Take Everyone’s Money Now
Someone on HBO’s social media team should get a raise. Back in 2012, an online campaign called “Take My Money HBO” went viral. The entire purpos...
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HBO Comes to Sling TV, Giving Cordcutters Another Option
It doesn’t appear that Apple has totally cornered the cable-free HBO market after all. Dish’s Sling TV has announced that HBO is coming to...
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HBO Now? $15 Streaming Service Launching in Early April – Report
Today, the International Business Times brings us another report claiming that HBO’s new standalone (read: cable-free) streaming platform will l...
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HBO GO Comes to the PS4, Finally
Almost a year to the day after HBO GO came to the PS3, it’s finally coming to the PS4. It wasn’t already on there, you ask. No. No, it was...
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HBO Star Steals Parents’ HBO GO Password Just Like You Do
Mark Duplass, creator and star of the new and well-received HBO series Togetherness is just like you. He also steals borrows someone else’s HBO ...
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HBO GO Finally Hits Amazon’s Fire TV
Back in April, Amazon launched Fire TV, its streaming device for the connected living room. It was missing one key service however. It didn’t su...
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HBO GO Is Finally Available on Xbox One
Back in November of last year, Microsoft unveiled the list of streaming video apps that would grace the Xbox One. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, ...
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HBO’s New Streaming Service Could Cost $15 a Month
Would you pay $15 a month for a service that let you watch all of HBO’s content without the bulky ball and chain of a cable subscription? Apart ...
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HBO Without a Cable Subscription Is Actually Going to Happen
Within the next year, HBO is going to do something that people have wanted the venerable network to do for a long, long time. HBO is finally going to ...
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HBO Shows Coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video
In a move that has given Amazon Prime Instant Video its first true competitive advantage over Netflix, Amazon has just announced that a bunch of HBO c...
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Watching HBO with Your Parents Is Just Too Awkward
HBO has just launched a new ad campaign for their on-demand streaming platform, HBO GO, and it’s great. The main takeaway: Hey millennials–you...
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‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Breaks Piracy Record
When the season four premiere of HBO’s fantasy-drama series Game of Thrones aired on Sunday night, a record 6.6 million viewers tuned in legally...
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Amazon Fire TV Launches Sans HBO Go
As you may have heard, Amazon stepped onto the streaming video device stage in a huge way today with the unveiling of their $99 Fire TV, their new set...
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HBO GO on the PS3 Finally a Reality, Still Waiting on a PS4 App
In oh, really, that wasn’t a thing already? news, today is the day that HBO GO, HBO’s on-demand streaming video app, finally lands on the ...
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HBO ‘Builds Addicts’ One Shared HBO Go Password at a Time
HBO wants you to become addicted to their shows, and it turns out they don’t really care if you do it somewhat nefariously. You think you’...
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HBO GO is Finally Coming to PlayStation Consoles
The PlayStation 3 console is the most-used device for streaming Netflix video. It’s clear, then, that PlayStation owners enjoy watching video ne...
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HBO Go Now Features Chromecast Support
When the Chromecast was first announced back in July, it only supported a handful of video streaming services. The list of supported services has stea...
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This Internet/HBO Bundle Is the Closest Thing You’re Going to Get to Standalone HBO Go
People want to pay for HBO Go, this is an established fact. Many people, however, don’t want to pay for the expensive cable packages that are re...
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