HBO Is Ready to Take Everyone's Money Now

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Someone on HBO’s social media team should get a raise.

Back in 2012, an online campaign called “Take My Money HBO” went viral. The entire purpose of said campaign was to show HBO that people had an interest – more like a fervent desire – in a standalone HBO streaming service. If HBO would just free itself from the iron clasps of cable subscriptions, people would gladly fork over their money for on-demand HBO content.

Cordcutters united, and tens of thousands of tweets poured in. The campaign’s organizers asked participants to tweet at HBO the dollar amount they’d be willing to pay for this hypothetical standalone service. $10? $15? $20 and beyond?

Now, nearly three years later, HBO is responding.

As you probably know, HBO finally caved and decided to offer its content to those without a cable subscription. The service, called HBO NOW, will debut next week for $15 per month. It’s an Apple exclusive for a few months.

Armed with HBO NOW, the company is taking to Twitter to let all those people know that their wishes have come true.

HBO is ready to take your money, everyone.

Good on you, HBO. Good on you.

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