HBO Now? $15 Streaming Service Launching in Early April – Report

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Today, the International Business Times brings us another report claiming that HBO's new standalone (read: cable-free) streaming platform will launch in April.

But this report comes with a name attached. Apparently, the new service will be called "HBO Now" and will cost $15 a month, which is comparable to how much cable subscribers currently pay to tack on HBO.

Apparently, HBO is working out its launch partners for HBO Now, but none have been as eager to carry an HBO Now app at launch as Apple. From IBT:

Apple has been most aggressive in courting HBO in a bid to add the service to Apple TV, sources say. Apple TV already carries HBO Go for current HBO subscribers, but it may add a second app for HBO Now. Apple has spent the last several years negotiating for the rights to offer their own linear TV package; in the meantime, HBO Now is seen as an added service to drive adoption of Apple TV

Back in December, reports emerged claiming HBO had abandoned its project "Maui", which was working to build the new streaming platform in-house. It then outsourced the build.

Fortune claimed the service would arrive sometime in April.

Of course, early April is an appropriate time to launch the most anticipated cord-cutting product in years. You may recall that Game of Thrones, HBO's most popular series, premieres its new season on April 12. So, if the network can handle the streaming load (and that's a big if), it would be a pretty damn good time to court new subscriptions.

Recently, market researchers estimated that HBO's new standalone streaming service could embolden seven million people to ditch cable. Is this the service you're waiting for?

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