Netflix Examines Types Of Spoilers

Netflix shared some new survey results about spoilers today based on a poll by Harris Interactive. “Everyone has an opinion about them,” a Netflix spokesperson said in an email. “They’ve existed since the beginning of storytelling but lately they’ve taken…

Netflix Shares Some Data On Binge Watching

Netflix is sharing results from a recent Harris Interactive survey, finding that out of 1,500 adult TV streamers in the U.S (those that stream shows at least once a week), 61% “binge watch” shows regularly. 73% of these people defined…

Amazon Beats Apple in Corporate Reputation Poll

Today, Amazon beats Apple in a way that doesn’t specifically pertain to tablets, ebooks, digital music, streaming content, or any other area in which the two routinely do battle. Today’s victory is all about the consumers and their views on…

Google And Harris Interactive Team Up On Self-Service Market Research

Harris Interactive announced that it has collaborated with Google and its Google Consumer Surveys on a new market research product. A spokesperson for Harris tells WebProNews that the product “allows businesses, both large and small, to compare themselves to industry…

Social Media Helps Teens See Other’s Needs

Parents, social media may not be that bad for your teen after all. According to a new study, conducted online in January by Harris Interactive, more than half of teens (55%) say social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have…

Americans Want More Control Over Their Online Information

The majority (90%) of Americans want more control over the information that is available about them online, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive for Intellius.

Intelius Because people use websites and search engines to find out information about others, 80 percent believe their online identity is now as important as their “offline” personal or professional reputation.

Americans Ignoring Internet Banner Ads

Online advertising is considered a good way to target and reach consumers, but nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they tend to ignore Internet ads, according to a new survey from Adweek Media and Harris Interactive.

Among those who ignore Internet ads, 43 percent say they ignore banner ads the most and 20 percent say they ignore search engine ads the most. Smaller percentages say they ignore television ads (14%), radio ads (7%) and newspaper ads (6%); just 9% of Americans say they don’t ignore any of the listed types of ads.


Social Media Users Aim To Influence Others

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of online Americans use social media, and the majority (84%) of social media users reveal information about themselves via social platforms, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

Less Than Half Of Americans Read A Daily Newspaper

Less than half (43%) of Americans say they read a daily newspaper, either online or in print almost everyday, according to a new report from Adweek Media and Harris Interactive.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans say they read one at least once a week while 81 percent read a daily newspaper at least once a month. Ten percent say they never read a daily