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Google Hangouts Gets Its Own Website
Google has finally given Hangouts its own dedicated site. Head on over to, and you’ll find a full-fledged web client for Goo...
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Yes, Your Google Hangouts Can Be Wiretapped
Google encrypts your Hangouts conversations, but it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. This means that Google can wiretap your Hangouts at the g...
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Google Hangouts App For Android Gets New Features
Google launched an update for its Hangouts app for Android that includes a bunch of new features. For one, there are new “smart suggestions̶...
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Google Launches Hangouts Chrome App
Google announced the launch of a new Hangouts Chrome app for Chrome OS and Windows, which it calls a “simpler, faster way to use Hangouts on you...
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Google Hangouts Get Google Voice Integration
Google has begun rolling out Google Voice integration to its Hangouts app. Users are being greeted with a message that says “Migrate Google Voic...
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Hangouts In Gmail Lets You See Who’s Online More Easily
Google has added a new tab in Hangouts in Gmail to let you see more easily who’s online. The company announced the feature on its Gmail Google+ ...
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Google Gives Businesses A Hangout Button To Let Customers Video Chat From Their Sites
Google launched a new Hangout start button for businesses and developers, which can be embedded in any app or website. Google has already worked with ...
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Gmail Gets Update For Hangouts Chat
Google announced some improvements to Hangouts chat in Gmail. This includes Google Apps for Business and Education users. Users will now see an update...
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Google Discusses New Campaign Type For Display Network
Google hosted a “Hangout on Air” today about getting better performance out of Search Network with Display Select. This is a new hybrid ca...
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Learn More About Ecommerce And Goal Tracking In Google Analytics
Google recently held a Google+ hangout discussing how to utilize ecommerce and goal tracking. it’s actually the second part in a series of hango...
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Gmail Brings Back Phone Calls Via Hangouts
When Google recently transitioned Gmail’s chat feature to Hangouts, it got rid of voice calling, but Google announced that is back as part of Ha...
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Google+ Gets 41 New Features, Including Stream Redesign [Google I/O 2013]
At Google I/O 2013, Google announced that Google+ was going to get 41 new features in the coming year. Those new features will be added to three key a...
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Google Sets Up Mother’s Day Page To Suggest Gift Ideas And More
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have all the preparations ready to celebrate the most important woman in your life? If not, Google&#...
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Google Now Automatically Mutes Loud Typers Inside Hangouts
Google has just taken steps to eliminate a small, but annoying aspect of Google+ Hangouts: keyboard sounds. In an update launched today, Google will n...
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Joe Biden Is Talking About Guns On Google+ Again
In January, Vice President Joe Biden participated in a Google+ hangout, discussing gun violence. Today, he will do so again. This is part of the White...
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U.S. State Department To Kick Off Google+ Hangout Series
Google announced today that the U.S. Department of State is launching a series of Google+ Hangouts, starting Friday, April 19 with one featuring Secre...
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Watch This Google Hangout On Improving Your Site (For AdSense)
Google recently held a Google+ hangout sharing tips for improving the user experience on your site, which it uploaded to its AdSense YouTube channel. ...
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Today’s Your Chance To Hang Out With Halle Berry On Google+
We’ll see how much of a ghost town Google+ is tonight when Halle Berry shows up for a hang out to promote the new Brad Anderson flick The Call. ...
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Learn More About Enhanced Campaigns On The Google Display Network
Google recently launched Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords, a controversial move in the advertising world. Controversial as they may be, they’re not...
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‘Capture’ All of Your Hangout Antics with New Google+ App
Google is making it easier for you to capture all of your Hangout shenanigans with the launch of a new app inside the popular Google+ feature. It̵...
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