Google Sets Up Mother's Day Page To Suggest Gift Ideas And More

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Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Do you have all the preparations ready to celebrate the most important woman in your life? If not, Google's got your back.

Google announced today that it has launched a special Mother's Day page to help sons and daughters everywhere plan an extra special day for their mothers. The page includes a gift guide (with the obligatory link to Google Offers), a guide to local florists, and an offer to send a tech care package to help your technologically deficient mother get on the Internet so you can chat it up in a Google+ hangout.

While it may reek of corporate shilling, Google is onto something here. You really should get your mother something nice on Sunday. That something nice can be as simple as a phone call (or a Google+ hangout) to tell her how much you really appreciate her.

If you want to get more creative than a phone call or a hug, however, Google will be hosting a number of events this week to share some ideas. The first will be an AskMen sponsored Google+ hangout with the editors of They will be suggesting "creative ideas" to make this Mother's Day "a day your mom won't forget." Google has also set up a Mother's Day Guide Google+ community for people to share ideas and stories with each other.

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