'Capture' All of Your Hangout Antics with New Google+ App

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Google is making it easier for you to capture all of your Hangout shenanigans with the launch of a new app inside the popular Google+ feature.

It's called Hangouts Capture.

"Google+ Hangouts bring people together, and when they do, all sorts of awesome can unfold," says Google's Jeremy Ng. "The challenge, oftentimes, is capturing your favorite moments as they happen, so today we're introducing the new Hangouts Capture app. With it you can take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress, including a number of features not available in the usual screenshot workarounds."

What the Capture app does is add a camera button to the bottom of your Google+ Hangout screen. When the app is open, you can snap unlimited screenshots with a single click. Of course, you could just snap screenshots the old fashioned way, but this really is much more efficient.

Mainly because every "capture" you make is saved to a shared album which is only visible to the other people in the Hangout.

Afterward, the photos will be accessible in your own photo albums, or by finding the original Hangout post. Google says that Hangout participants will always know that the Capture app is in use, and whenever someone actually snaps a photo.

You should see the Capture option pop up soon, says Google.

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