Google Hangouts Gets Its Own Website

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Google has finally given Hangouts its own dedicated site.

Head on over to, and you'll find a full-fledged web client for Google's popular messaging service.

"We are launching another way to use Hangouts today. From our new site you'll be able to take advantage of the best of Hangouts in the browser, along with an inspiring image to get you through the day," says Google's Jordanna Chord.

Before now, Google Hangouts were only really web accessible via another Google products, like Gmail or Google+ (or via Chrome extension). But as we know, Google is distancing a lot of its products from Google+. Given Hangouts' popularity as a standalone product, it's surprising it took this long for Google to give it its own destination.

Earlier this year, Facebook gave Messenger its own standalone site. When looking to compete in the crowded field of messaging, it's best to have a free-standing, easy-to-use location for said services. Google's finally taken that step with Hangouts.

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