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Tag: Google Trends

Donald Trump Is Certainly Winning the Google Search Battle
Google Trends has produced an interactive county-by-county map of the most-searched Republican Presidential candidates – and it’s monochromati...
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Google Algorithm Update (‘Colossus’ or ‘News-Wave’) Google Trends-Related?
On June 17, Google’s algorithm seemed to get a mysterious jolt with a mysterious update that Google deemed a routine, non-major change. Google s...
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Google Trends Goes Real-Time
Google just announced its biggest update to Google Trends since 2012 when it merged with Insights for Search. The new version provides users with real...
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Google Starts Weekly Trends Roundup
Google announced that it will be sharing “a regular look back” at some of the top trending searches each Friday. We’ll see if this l...
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Google Trends Adds Email Notifications
Google just announced that it’s adding email notifications to Google Trends. You can subscribe to any topic, hot searches for any country, or an...
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Google Trends Gets A Few Updates
Google announced that it has made some updates to Google Trends, including a new homepage, more countries for top charts and hot searches, and a faste...
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Google Trends Becomes More Intelligent
Google has introduced new topic reports in Google Trends aimed at giving users smarter information about the search queries they are seeking. Google g...
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Google Trends Just Became A Lot More Useful
In September of last year, Google merged Google Trends with Insights For Search into what it called the “new Google Trends.” It’s no...
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Google Trends Gets New Top Charts For Trends By Category
Google has launched a new Google Trends feature called “Top Charts,” which show you the top searches by region by month for various catego...
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YouTube Data Integrated Into Google Trends
Google announced today that it has now integrated YouTube search trends into Google Trends. “Google Trends enables you to take popular search qu...
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Google: Canadians Love Super Bowl More Than Stanley Cup (And Are Ravens Fans)
Google says more people in Canada search for the “Super Bowl” than for the Stanley Cup, which is interesting, considering there are no NFL...
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Google Launches New Google Trends (With Insights For Search)
Google announced today that it is merging Insights For Search into Google Trends, creating the “new Google Trends“. Google Trends now incl...
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Google Trends Hot Searches Sections Gets An Update
Google announced today that it has redesigned the Hot Searches section of Google Trends. It groups related rising search terms together and shows more...
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Pinterest May Be a Flash in the Pan
Nicholas Carlson over at Business Insider is reporting on an interesting phenomenon involving Pinterest‘s popularity. It seems the number of Pin...
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Josh Hamilton’s Relapse Becomes A Trending Topic
While you cannot deny the monetary rewards professional athletes command, it’s important to remember these folks, for all the money they make, g...
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Google Correlate Expands to 50 Countries
Back in May, Google launched Google Correlate, which is sort of like Google Trends in reverse. It looks at search trends, and attempts to apply them t...
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Gary Johnson Debate Joke Propels Him To All-Day Trending
At last night’s Republican Presidential Debate, held by Fox News and Google, Gary Johnson had the line of the night if you ask his GOP counterpa...
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NFL Social Media Push Continues With Thank Yous
The NFL players are thankful to the fans for standing by them, and to show their gratitude, members of the soon-to-be recertified NFL Players Associat...
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Osama bin Laden Death Consumes Entire Google Trends Hot Searches List
This is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen. Every key phrase on Google’s Hot Trends list is related to the same piece of news. Obvi...
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Google Trends Hot Topics Now Gone – Confirmed
Update: A Google spokesperson tells WebProNews, “We’ve just streamlined it — we unified the data into one set to make it easier for ...
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