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Google News Publisher Center Launched
Google announced the launch of a new Google News Publisher Center, where publishers can make changes to their news site details, update section URLs, ...
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‘Google Tax’ Law Could Lead Google To Shut Down Google News In Spain
Spain reportedly passed a law last week that requires sites linking to articles published by those in the country’s newspaper association with s...
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Google’s 20% Reported To Be Dead, Then Reported To Be Not Dead By Same Publication
Update: Quartz has posted a follow-up after Googlers came out and said that 20% time is still part of the company’s culture. Google has long had...
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Google Is Showing Old Content Like It’s New
Google News is showing news stories as much more recent than they actually are. While it’s unclear if this is a bug on Google’s part or a ...
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Google News Adds Sports Scores & Weather, Expands Editors’ Picks
Google announced a trio of new features for Google News: new sections for sports scores and weather, and the expansion of the “Editors’ Pi...
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Google Gets Around Having To Pay German Publishers By Making Google News Opt-In
A law was passed in Germany several weeks ago that would require search engines like Google to pay publishers to license content to include links and ...
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Google May Soon Pay Publishers In Portugal
Publishers in Portugal want Google to pay for the right to include links and snippets of articles in Google News. The story is always the same from co...
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Google: That Paid Links Thing Goes For Google News Too
After the whole Interflora paid links fiasco, Google took to its Webmaster Central blog to remind webmasters about the no-nos of paid links and advert...
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Are These Google’s Ranking Signals For Google News?
Computerworld has a new report out about an old patent of Google’s that is drawing some attention. It looks at ways Google might be ranking cont...
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For Developing News Stories, Google Says It Prefers One Page To Separate Articles
After taking a month off, Google’s Matt Cutts is back online, and has put out a new Webmaster Help video. This one talks about news sites, and h...
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Google Agrees To “Support” Publishers In France
It looks like Google is paying to link to French publishers’ content. Google and publishers in France have not been seeing eye to eye for quite ...
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Report: Actually, Google May Be Paying About $6M To Publishers
As previously reported, Google announced this week that it has reached an agreement with publishers in Belgium, ending six years of litigation. Publis...
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Google And Publishers Are Getting Along…In Belgium
Google has reached an agreement with news publishers in Belgium after six years of litigation. Publishers sued Google claiming they violated their cop...
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Google News Gets Some Tablet-Friendly Tweaks
Google announced some improvements to Google News for tablets today. Users will start being able to swipe horizontally between sections, and tap ̶...
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Google Resists As German Lawmakers Talk Law That Would Require It To Pay Publishers
You may recall talk of a proposed law in Germany that would require search engines like Google to pay to license content from publishers in order to d...
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Does Google Even Need Newspaper Publishers?
In case you haven’t been following, Google has been battling traditional media publishers in a number of countries for years. Publishers want Go...
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Google vs. Publishers: Who’s Right?
The story is old, but it is ongoing. It’s the same argument that’s been around for years, but it’s reaching a boiling point, and it&...
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The Latest On Google’s Battle With Publishers Who Want To Be Paid For Links
A week ago, we wrote about the battles Google is facing with publishers, specifically in France and Brazil. In France, lawmakers have poposed a law wh...
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Google News Gets Some Layout Adjustments
Google is rolling out some new features to Google News search, including click-to-expand news results clusters, more multimedia and some updates to th...
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We’ve Now Had Google News For An Entire Decade
Google announced over the weekend that it is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Google News’ launch. The product was unveiled on September 22,...
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