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Tag: Google IO

Here’s Google’s Google I/O Talk For iOS Developers
You don’t typically associate Google developer events with iOS, but while Google I/O was largely about Android, there was a surprising amount of...
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A Closer Look At The New Android M Permissions
Google unveiled the developer preview of Android M last week, and among the new additions are some changes to permissions. “Apps can trigger request...
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Google Talks App Indexing, AdWords & Analytics At Google I/O
Google has been experimenting with app indexing for quite a while, but in recent months it has really cranked up the significance of it. Last week, it...
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4 Important Google I/O Videos For Android Developers
With Google I/O in full swing, Google has been sharing some of the presentations it has already given. There have been a ton of announcements for Andr...
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Google Launches App Invites Toolkit To Help Developers Get More Users
While in beta, Google has a new toolkit for mobile app developers called App Invites, which enables them to provide users with…you guessed it. T...
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ICYMI: Here’s The Entire Google I/O 2015 Keynote
Google made a ton of announcements at its annual Google I/O conference on Thursday. It did stream the keynote live, but in case you didn’t get a...
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Android Developers Get A Bunch Of Tools For Promoting, Measuring & Monetizing Apps
Google made a plethora of announcements at Google I/O on Thursday. These include a bunch of new things to help mobile app developers better measure, p...
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Google Unveils Its New Photos App At Google I/O
At Google I/O on Thursday, Google unveiled its new Google Photos app, which removes what little friction its old one may have had (by untying it from ...
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Google Opens Inbox Email Product To All (Including Apps For Work Users)
With the annual Google I/O conference firmly underway, the announcements are flowing like water. One of those is that Inbox by Gmail is now open to ev...
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Google Unveils Android M Developer Preview & Tools At Google I/O
At Google I/O on Thursday, Google announced a developer preview of the next version of Android, the M Release as well as related tools. Google says th...
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3 Discussions From Google I/O About Getting Your Product To More People
Google has been uploading video content from last month’s Google I/O event for weeks, and most recently has been sharing one-on-one discussions ...
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Effective Distribution On The Chrome Web Store
We’ve been sharing a few interesting sessions from Google I/O last month, as the company has been making them available on YouTube. Last week sa...
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More On Making Money With Google Play
If you thought Google was done posting videos from Google I/O sessions last week, think again. They’ve uploaded a new batch to YouTube about a v...
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How To Make Money On Google Play
As you probably know, Google I/O was last week, and Google has uploaded tons of video from the event, including developer sessions on various topics. ...
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Google Gets You Acquainted With Instant Buy
At Google I/O last year, Google launched the Google Wallet Instant Buy API to simplify mobile shopping, and help sellers get more conversions buy spee...
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Android TV Unveiled at Google I/O
Google unveiled its successor to Google TV today at the I/O keynote – and as expected it’s called Android TV. Although previously believed to ...
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Google Smart Watch Specs Leaked [Rumor]
Earlier this month, it was rumored that LG would be making both the Nexus 6 and a smart watch for Google this year. Based on prior releases, we could ...
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Google I/O To Take Place June 25-26, Tickets To Be Sold Through Lottery System
Every year, the Google faithful from around the world gather in San Francisco to hear what’s next for everybody’s favorite monolithic tech...
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Google’s New Conversational Voice Search Is Here (Kind Of)
UPDATE: When asked about the “Okay, Google” feature, Google’s Matt Cutts tells us, “I think that will take a little while long...
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Google Talks Google+ And Search For 40 Minutes [Video]
Google gave a presentation about Google+ and Search at Google I/O last week. With Google’s “social layer” becoming a bigger part of ...
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