Streams, Google’s UK Clinician App, a Casualty of Its Defunct Health Division

Google is shutting down Streams, a clinician support app used in the UK, the latest fallout of Google’s decision to end its Health Division.

Google Disbanding Its Health Division, Dr. David Feinberg Leaving

Google is disbanding its health division, following a string of setbacks and criticism.

Google Health Now Has 500 Employees

According to the report, the new team is headquartered in Palo Alto offices that were formerly used by the Nest team. The team is led by David Feinberg, a relative newcomer to Google, having joined the company in 2019.

Google Health Is Almost Officially Dead

Google launched Google Health in 2008. It was an ambitious project that perhaps got more up close and personal with users’ identities than any other Google service to date. Unsurprisingly, there weren’t a ton of people who wanted to manage…

What’s Eating Google [Infographic]

According to this next infographic from, Google is going to great lengths to make sure their employees are well fed, informed, and healthy consumers of good food products. This graphic is loaded with interesting facts about how people choose…

Google Health: Now’s The Time To Get Your Data

Google just announced that it’s shutting down a handful of its offerings. Back in June, Google announced that it would be shutting down Google Health the first of the new year. Now, Google is sending a friendly reminder out to…

Microsoft Looks to Scoop Up Health Data Following Shut Down of Google Health

Microsoft just announced that Google Health users can transfer their data to Microsoft HealthVault. This can be done with Direct Project messaging protocols established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the company says. HealthVault lets users…

Google Pulls Plug on Health, PowerMeter

Google announced that it’s retiring Google Health and Google PowerMeter on January 1 and September 16, respectively. “Both were based on the idea that with more and better information, people can make smarter choices, whether in regard to managing personal…

Google Health Gets More Useful, More Personalized

Google has announced a new design and some new features for Google Health. The company says this comes as the result of feedback from users who want easier data tracking and more personalization. 

Bathroom Scale Now Connects To Google Health

We know, we know: many individuals will view this as an invasion of privacy, or at least a potential cause for embarrassment.  Still, you may find it interesting to learn that a bathroom scale is now able to inform Google Health (along with users’ Twitter followers) of a person’s weight.