Make Your Kids (And Potential Employers) Think You’re Smarter Than You Are With The Google Search App

Google has put out a couple new ads for its Search App. The last time they did that (in November), we saw a little girl and her mother figure out how to come up with a Martin Van buren costume…

Google Adds Search To The Android Camera With Goggles Update

Google has released a new update for Google Goggles on Android. The features primarily deal with making it a better shopping tool. New features include improved recognition of products, the ability to browse similar products, and easier search from the…

Google Goggles Gets Currency Recognition

When Google launched Google Goggles in 2009 the service was cool, but still pretty limited. While there were lots of things you could search for just by taking a picture, there were lots more that the Google Goggles wouldn’t recognize.…

Google Goggles Gets An Upgrade on Android

Google announced some improvements to Google Goggles for Android with a new update it’s made available for all Android devices – version 1.7. The new features include: continuous mode, improved text recognition, and contributed results. “Continuous mode is a quick…

Google Goggles Adds New Search From Camera Feature

Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles for Android, which will let you you know when you take pictures that Goggles can actually recognize. “With this new opt-in feature in Goggles, you can simply photograph an image using…

Google Addresses Google Maps “Closed” Spam

While the concept of local search is still growing, and its potential has yet to be fully realized, the smartphone industry has allowed local, map-based search queries to be much more robust. A good example of the potential of local…

Google Goggles Gets Copy/Paste, Map View for Search History

Today, Google announced some new features for its Google Goggles product, the mobile search app, which lets you search by snapping a picture. There is a new map view of your search history, the ability to copy contact and text…

Google Goggles Gets An Upgrade

Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles, the application that lets users point their phone’s camera at a variety of things and get search results by taking a picture. The new version, version 1.3, is faster and smarter, according to Google. It can scan barcodes "almost instantly," the company says. 

Major Advertisers Sign On For Google Goggles Test

Google’s augmented reality tech might soon make the shift from interesting plaything to revenue-generating tool.  A Google Goggles marketing experiment has begun, at least, and Buick, Delta Airlines, Diageo, Disney, and T-Mobile are all taking part.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Google Goggles

Now that Google has released Google Goggles for the iPhone, I think it’s same to assume usage of the feature will go up tremendously. While Goggles may still be in experimental Labs status, the new iPhone release will surely have plenty of people playing around with it. 

Now iPhone Users Can Search Google By Taking Pictures

Late last year, Google launched Google Goggles, an experimental Android app that lets you simply take a picture with your phone’s camera to conduct a search – no query entering necessary. Today, Google announced that Goggles is available for the iPhone via the Google Mobile app. 

Google Goggles Gives Translations Via Camera

Late last year, Google introduced a very cool mobile product called Google Goggles. While only an experimental labs release, it is looking more and more like it will be one that actually graduates to a real feature, and a useful one at that.

Google to Bolster Google Goggles with Plink Acquisition

Google has acquired the UK-based visual search engine company Plink, which makes PlinkArt, a mobile app that lets users take a picture with their phone and identify paintings and artworks. Google is adding Plink to work on its Google Goggles project.