Google Adds Search To The Android Camera With Goggles Update

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Google has released a new update for Google Goggles on Android. The features primarily deal with making it a better shopping tool.

New features include improved recognition of products, the ability to browse similar products, and easier search from the camera.

"We’ve increased our coverage of products and barcodes that Goggles recognizes, with a focus on international products and barcodes," Google said in a Google+ post.

"Have you ever struggled to replace a favorite dress?" Google adds. "Goggles can help you find products that are similar to something you’ve owned or seen before. When you take a picture of an item and Goggles can’t find an exact match, you’ll have the option to browse products by category that look similar to your image. Refine by category, brands or gender, or long press an item to explore products that are similar to that selection."

Google Goggles update

As far as the "Search From Camera" feature, Google Goggles now lets you turn on the app with one click from within your Android Camera app. You have to enable this feature from within the Goggles app. When the camera detects images with search results, those results will appear in your notifications. Kind of cool.

One last new feature adds a preview of pages that are linked from QR codes that you scan.

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