Bing Ads Report Suite Gets New Geo Location Report

The Bing Ads Report suite and API now features a new geographical location report. This had apparently been an highly requested feature. “In response to your feedback, we’ve redesigned how location information is displayed in the report to show you…

Wikipedia Gets More Location-Friendly

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the launch of a new GeoData extension to usher in “a new age of geotagging on Wikipedia”. Roughly translated, Wikipedia will be getting a lot more useful at the location level. The extension for MediaWiki…

Google Launches New Google Maps APIs For Location-Enabled Apps

Google announced the launch of two new APIs for organizations who want to build their own location-enabled apps: the Google Maps Tracks API and the Google Maps Geolocation API. The Google Maps Tracks API lets organizations build apps that can…

Foursquare Partners with OpenTable

The foursquare Blog just announced that its geolocation service has forged a partnership with OpenTable, the online real-time restaurant reservation platform. Essentially, foursquare users can access its Explore recommendation engine to research the restaurants of a specific locality, and then…

Is Location as Effective as Social Media?

Geolocation has had a tremendous impact on the way we currently live. Many consumers utilize geolocation applications on a daily basis to interact with their friends and associates. Businesses have also found value in geolocation and have used it in marketing efforts to reach their customers.

Facebook Catches a Hot Potato

Last month, rumors emerged that Facebook may have been buying Hot Potato. As Doug Caverly described, "Hot Potato is a check-in service that takes possibilities other than physical locations into account.  Users can, for example, say they’re listening to a particular song or reading a certain novel, not just check in at a concert or a bookstore."

Using and Attracting Customers with Facebook Places

Facebook Places is going to be huge for businesses. It already is. You’ve probably been hearing about all of the opportunities that come with check-in apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, etc. Facebook has half a billion users. This takes things to a whole new level.

Checking In with Facebook Places

If you watched Facebook’s news event, you know that the company unveiled Facebook Places, its much-anticipated location feature. This lets users "check in" to places from their mobile device and let their friends know where they’re at and who they’re with in real time.

Watch: Facebook News Event (Location Feature Announcement?) Live

Facebook will be hosting a live news event this evening at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). While the company has yet to confirm the news, it is widely expected that Facebook will announce its location features.

Facebook has provided us with the embed code for the live video of the event for you viewing pleasure:

Facebook: Location, Auto-Suggest and Fighting Spam

Word around the Web is that Facebook will be announcing its long-awaited location feature today. While this has still not been confirmed, a mysterious account appeared on Twitter today, for @FacebookPlaces.

Foursquare Talks Privacy Ahead of Rumored Facebook Location Feature Announcement

Privacy is a major concern in social media these days, and location-based services add a whole different element to the equation (we can’t wait to see what happens when Facebook unleashes its location feature).

Check-in app posterchild Foursquare has made some changes to its own privacy controls.

Facebook Geolocation Announcement Expected Wed.

Late tomorrow, Facebook’s going to make an announcement of some sort, and if rumors are correct, an important product will launch.  Facebook is supposed to unveil a geolocation service at its headquarters.

This isn’t a sure thing; official messages on the subject have been very vague, just providing a time (4:30 PM PDT) and an address (1601 California Avenue in Palo Alto), and saying that unspecified "Facebook executives" will be on hand.

Twitter Location Features Rolling Out

Last fall, Twitter started including geolocation information in its API, but it was not available through That appears to be in the process of changing now.