Robinhood Experiences Issues During Big Trading Day…Again

Robinhood has once again found itself in hot water after users were unable to make crypto trades during a big trading day.

How the GameStop Stock Short Squeeze Cost Wall Street Billions

While most people invest on Wall Street to make money, a Reddit-based group known as Wall Street Bets had a different motive. They saw what wealthy hedge funds were doing to GameStop (GME) stock and decided they wanted to punish…

Elon Musk: BitCoin On the Verge of Widespread Acceptance

Elon Musk has said bitcoin is on the verge of achieving wide acceptance among investors and conventional finance people.

Short-Seller Losses Top $70 Billion In the War on Wall Street

Short-sellers have lost a staggering $70 billion in the War on Wall Street between institutional investors and day traders on Reddit.

Robinhood Blocks GameStop Trading, Faces Backlash

Robinhood has weighed in on the war on Wall Street, blocking buys of GameStop, AMC, Blackberry and others, and facing backlash for it.

Day Traders Continue to Pump Stocks, WH and Treasury Monitoring

Day traders continued to take on Wall Street investors, pumping stocks traditional investors have been shorting.

Good Day For GameStop Investors As Stock Hits $247

GameStop is having a wild day, as individual investors have helped drive the price to $247, up from $18 just a couple of weeks ago

PlayStation 4: GameStop Donates Systems To Charity

PlayStation 4, the ever-coveted game system that boasts hi-fi graphics, is in the headlines this week after retail giant GameStop announced they would be donating several of them to the Ronald McDonald House. The charity organization provides a safe place…

Cyber Monday Sales: Best Deals On Video Games

Cyber Monday is like the rushed sequel to Black Friday. That doesn’t make it any worse than America’s annual celebration of cheap TVs and trampling old people though. In fact, it might even be the superior holiday since you don’t…

GameStop Partners With IBM And Texas A&M, Launches GameStop Technology Institute

GameStop is the Starbucks of gaming. There’s one on every corner and they at least pretend to serve your every need. Unlike Starbucks, however, GameStop’s bread and butter – video games – are increasingly moving to the digital space where…