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Tag: Game Consoles

PlayStation 4 Announcement Streaming Live Online; Here’s Where You Can Watch it
[UPDATE] Sony’s announcement can also be seen via the PlayStation channel on TwitchTV, or live on this very page: Live video from your iPhone us...
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Game Consoles, Phones Make Up The Past 30 Years Of Popular Tech
What’s popular in consumer technology? If you look at most wanted lists from last Christmas, it seems that tablets and smartphones were all the ...
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PlayStation Vita Price Drops in Japan
For the handheld console market, price is everything. Both the games and the portable consoles themselves cost less than their living-room counterpart...
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New PlayStation Could Offer Cloud Gaming [RUMOR]
Backwards compatibility is a popular feature for new game consoles. The ability to have one console under the TV that can play multiple generations of...
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White PlayStation 3 Bundle Coming January 27
Sony today announced that it will soon offer a white PlayStation 3 console in the U.S. The Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle will inclu...
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Nintendo Unifying Hardware Divisions This Year [Report]
Nintendo has two amazingly talented hardware divisions that work on home consoles and handheld devices. These teams have come up with some amazing con...
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PlayStation 3 Sales Hit 70 Million, Catch Xbox 360
Coming right as this generation of console gaming is beginning to die, Sony today announced that sales of its PlayStation 3 console have reached 70 Mi...
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Retail Video Game Sales Continue to Plummet
In another sign of both the dying retail video game merchants and the slow death of the current console cycle, new numbers show that retail sales of v...
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Guitar Hero Creator’s Next Project Lies In Mobile Hardware
The plastic instrument music genre is all but dead. Harmonix still puts out new tracks every week for Rock Band 3, but the developer’s focus on ...
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Nintendo’s Wii U Console to be Sold at a Loss
Earlier this week Nintendo revealed its third quarter earnings and things aren’t looking good for the company that’s name is synonymous wi...
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Wii U Launch Date, Price Announced for U.S.
Today Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime took to the stage in New York and officially announced the price and release date for the new Wii...
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Rumored Wii U Specs Leaked Ahead of Announcement
With the official announcement of the Wii U only days away, it might seem that leaked specs are unneeded. However, gamers in the age of the internet c...
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Wii U Leak Shows November 11 Launch Date and $250 Starting Price
Details about Nintendo’s Wii U and its games have been abundant, but Nintendo has stayed tight-lipped on confirmation of when the console will b...
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Valve “jumping” Into Gaming Hardware Creation
It’s been rumored for months now that Valve is working on creating their own game console. Aside from hiring hardware engineers, Valve striking ...
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Video Game Sales Were Down Again In July
The video game industry was seen as something that was recession proof back in 2008. Everybody loves video games and people are going to keep buying t...
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Ouya Will Run a Version of the XBMC Media Player
Despite its runaway popularity on Kickstarter, the Ouya console still has a long way to go if it hopes to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Sony, a...
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Go Right: An Ode To Side-Scrolling Video Games
With the proliferation of the next-gen console, coupled with the uber-power PC gaming provides, the side-scrolling video game is not something we see ...
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Valve Might Be Making A Console After All
Valve has been up to something lately. The world famous game developer was rumored only last month to be building a games console to bring PC games to...
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DVR Usage Increasing Among Television Viewers
As television and devices that take advantage of our screen time continue to evolve, so does our utter obsession with using TV grow. Nielsen posted on...
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