Go Right: An Ode To Side-Scrolling Video Games


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With the proliferation of the next-gen console, coupled with the uber-power PC gaming provides, the side-scrolling video game is not something we see very often. True, there are those who kept their Super NES/Sega consoles intact and operational, but for most of us, to enjoy a good side-scroller like any of the Mario games requires a little bit of work.

Thanks to the YouTube efforts of RockyPlanetesimal, you can now relive these joyful occasions whenever you please, as long as a highlight film done in an awesome artistic vision is something that will fill the void. If anything, "Go Right" will make you yearn for gaming days of yore, and you'll fire up your MAME acquisition skills and load up on old-school emulators.

Just remember, these files are not for commercial use. Just for recreation, as if that somehow makes it all better.

With this game in mind, aside from anything Mario, what's your favorite side-scroller? I'm sure the Shamus fans will be lining up for Super Metroid, but surely there are some Mega Man fans out there. Other cameos include Prince of Persia, Link from The Legend of Zelda, and the hero from Ghosts and Goblins. Donkey and Diddy Kong show up too, as does Rayman. Come for the throwbacks and stay to see which ones you can recognize.

Super Empire Strike Back, anyone?

One of the YouTube comments summed up the side-scrolling video game experience quite well with the following

Go right... Kill everything.


While accurate, how is that different from modern video gaming, especially the FPS genre? Oh, that's right. In modern FPSs, you're going forward.

[Via Dueling Analogs]