Wii U Leak Shows November 11 Launch Date and $250 Starting Price


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Details about Nintendo's Wii U and its games have been abundant, but Nintendo has stayed tight-lipped on confirmation of when the console will be released and how much it will cost. As always, though, it's hard to keep these sorts of secrets with millions of smartphone cameras floating around.

Yesterday, a user named h0undd0gg on the GameFAQs forum for the Wii U posted a link to the YouTube video found below. Though the image is blurry, kicking the video up to 720p reveals that it is actually the Video Products Distributors (VPD) search results for Wii U, including a release date and pricing tiers. Here is a larger, static version of the image. VPD is a wholesale U.S. DVD and video game distributor for companies such as Amazon.

If the leak is real, the Nintendo Wii will be released on November 11 in the U.S. and pricing will start at $249. Interestingly, two other price tiers appear: $299 and $349. Also, it's likely that Europeans will still have to wait until December to get their hands on a Wii U.

The two higher-priced Wii U systems are listed as "Wii U System W/." Details on what extras will come with these versions aren't shown, but it's easy to speculate. The higher prices may indicate larger hard drives or an extra Wii U GamePad controller. A bundled game isn't out of the question either, though Nintendo will most likely bundle NintendoLand with all versions of the Wii U.

Whatever the case is, gamers will find out all the details at Nintendo's announcement event on September 13.

(Via BGR)