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Tag: Game Consoles

Ouya Gets A Better Controller, Twice The Storage
Last year, the Ouya set out to do something in the world of game consoles that had never been attempted before. They wanted to create an open platform...
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Sony Sold More Than 4.2 Million PlayStation 4s Last Year
Microsoft announced yesterday that it sold more than three million Xbox One consoles before the end of 2013. Now Sony has weighed in with its latest P...
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CES 2014: Dish Hopper App Coming to PlayStation Consoles
As part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) week in Las Vegas, Dish today announced that its Hopper DVR technology will soon be available on Sony&#...
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MadCatz Enters The Console Arena Today With The MOJO
Earlier this year, Ouya tried to muscle its way into the living room with an Android micro-console that was indie friendly and let you play your Andro...
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Google Chromecast Gets Its First Game
When Google originally announced Chromecast, the stated intention was to make streaming video and audio content to the living room much easier. That h...
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Xbox One Hits Store Shelves; Here Are Its Future Games
Microsoft’s new Xbox One console is officially on sale in North America. While ostensibly a dedicated video game device, Microsoft is positionin...
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Ouya Updated With New UI, Storage Options
The holidays are quickly approaching and people are trying to decide which game console to buy. Should you go with the Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One? That...
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PlayStation 4 Gets PornHub Support
Familiar with the video format wars? You know why VHS beat Betamax, right? It was porn. How about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? Porn.  Could the next generatio...
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Sony Sold Over One Million PlayStation 4s On Friday
For months now gamers have been anticipating the launch of the PlayStation 4 and on Friday those same fans were finally able to get their hands on Son...
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Xbox One Tops Analyst Console Assessment
The launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is less than one month away, and Microsoft’s Xbox One will follow close behind. As video game f...
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China Ends Video Game Console Ban
Back in July, a Chinese newspaper reported on a proposed policy that would lift the long-time Chinese ban of video game consoles. The plan reportedly ...
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Amazon Developing an Android Video Game Console [RUMOR]
The success of video games on mobile devices has begun to drastically affect the video game industry. Free-to-play game pricing has begun to invade bo...
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Video Game Consoles Driving Component Demand, Pre-Orders Higher Than Expected
The latest generation of video game consoles is set to launch this fall. Microsoft will be releasing its new Xbox One console and Sony will be releasi...
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Video Game Console Sales Expected to be Lower This Generation
The announcements this year of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have kicked off a new generation of console wars. While the e...
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China to End Video Game Console Ban, With a Catch
For 13 years, China has officially banned the sale of video game consoles in its country. Now, a new Chinese economic plan reveals that the ban may so...
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Nvidia Announces SHIELD Price Drop
While the video game world is primarily focusing on the upcoming iteration of the console wars–PS4!!! No!!! XBox One!!!!–some other compan...
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How Much Will The PS4, Xbox One Cost? One Analyst Has An Idea
The cost question is arguably the most important when it comes to next-generation game consoles. Even with all the best games in the world, too high o...
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Ouya Starts Shipping To Kickstarter Backers
It’s been almost nine months since Ouya, the little Android game console that could, smashed Kickstarter records. Now the console is ready to ma...
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Make Your Own Ouya Console Case With A 3D Printer
One of the more interesting things about the Ouya game console is that its completely open source, including its design. To help things along, 3D prin...
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Ouya Consoles Begin Shipping on March 28
The Ouya console has been quite the success story. The Google Android-powered game console began as a Kickstarter campaign asking for just under $1 mi...
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