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Yoko Ono Did NOT Have A Stroke, Released From Hospital For The Flu
Yoko Ono has returned home after being rushed to a nearby hospital for the flu, and she is now “running about as usual,” tweeted her 40-year-old s...
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2015 Flu Season: New Vaccine to Work Better Than Last Year’s
The 2015 flu season doesn’t officially start until October, and that’s why doctors recommend people get vaccinated now. Those who got vacc...
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Flu Symptoms: How Do You Know If You’re Sick?
You might think that it’s pretty easy to tell if you’re sick or not, but it could be difficult to determine exactly what is wrong with you. It’s...
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Flu Symptoms Already Showing Up, Get Vaccinated Now
It’s about that time of the year again when flu symptoms start to appear in people all over the country. One way to prevent such a fate is to ge...
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Uber Thinks You Might Want a Flu Shot with Your Ride
Part promotional effort, part PR corrective maneuver, and part desire to do something good – Uber is giving out free flu shots right now. If you liv...
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Flu Shots: The Pros And Cons Of The Vaccine
It’s flu season, the time of year when sneezes, coughs and fevers seem almost inevitable. One of the ways you can try to avoid catching the flu is b...
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Flu Shots And Ebola: Guess Which One Americans Should Be More Concerned About?
If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, there’s something you should be more terrified of than a certain other virus that you keep hearing about ...
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Flu Shots Are Now Available, But Why Aren’t Americans Interested?
Yesterday marked the first official day of the Fall season. What you may not know is that something else significant began this week: Flu shots. That�...
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Flu Shots: The Time To Get One Is NOW
As dropping temperatures and crazy weather stories increase, we must face the reality that winter weather is coming. While you may be preparing or hav...
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Zinc Supplements Studied For The Common Cold
Although Americans are hit with 1 billion colds each year, most view it as some invisible enemy to which they’ll inevitably succumb. We wait until t...
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Cold Remedies: Natural Ways to Fight the Seasonal Bug
Over-the-counter drugs are great but are also known to have a lot of associated side effects. According to a report done by, Dr. David Leop...
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U.S. is Experiencing an Average Flu Season
The weather is cold across much of the U.S. and the flu season is now nearing its peak. A new poll out this week from Gallup shows that 2.8% of Americ...
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Flu Running Rampant; Blamed For Multiple Deaths
The flu virus is causing widespread panic again this year, with the largest outbreak since the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic that swept throug...
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Flu Widespread – And Expanding Like Wildfire
The H1N1 flu started with just two states that were seeing widespread symptoms. Texas is one, and apparently the source of where this flu seems to hav...
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Flu Symptoms Suggest Mysterious Virus To Blame
What began with a dozen Las Vegas guests feeling a little under the weather has ballooned into concerns about the possibility of a contagious stomach ...
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Study Suggests Staggered National Flu Vaccinations For China
A new study from a combined team of American and Chinese scientists is suggesting that China implement a new national flu vaccine strategy. The paper,...
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Flu Vaccinations Are Up, But Not Enough
While the days are getting a little shorter and cooler, there’s something lurking around the corner that takes away from the fall bliss–fl...
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Universal Flu Vaccine Closer After 2009 Pandemic
Each year, researchers work to discover new strains of influenza and develop a new vaccine. The procedure is costly and time consuming, which is why s...
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Flu Scare Leads to Public Health Emergency in Boston
Botson Mayor Thomas Menino this week declared a public health emergency in Boston due to what could become one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a de...
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Flu Season is Picking Up in the U.S.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that Influenza activity is increasing across most of the U.S. “Reports of influ...
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