2015 Flu Season: New Vaccine to Work Better Than Last Year's

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The 2015 flu season doesn't officially start until October, and that's why doctors recommend people get vaccinated now. Those who got vaccinated last year and still got sick, take heed. The vaccine for the 2015 flu season is said to be far more effective.

Last year's flu vaccine was a dud. Actually, the vaccine isn't to blame. The dominant strain of flu mutated last year after the vaccine was already formulated. That rendered it only about 13 percent effective. Most years the flu vaccine has a rate of 50 to 60 percent effectiveness.

The CDC recommends the vaccine before the 2015 flu season for anyone six months of age and older. And while most flu cases don't start appearing until October, they can strike at any time. The 2015 flu season is expected to peak between December and February.

What else can people do to prevent the spread of influenza besides getting vaccinated?

CDC Director Thomas Frieden urges those who get the flu to stay home and to contact their doctor at the very first onset of flu symptoms. Antiviral drugs are available that can help minimize symptoms as well as the length of the illness, but they must be taken right after the patient becomes ill.

The 2015 flu season is likely to be less harsh than last year because of last year's mutation.

Will you be getting vaccinated and having your children vaccinated against the flu?

Do you have any concerns about the upcoming 2015 flu season?

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