Flu Symptoms: How Do You Know If You’re Sick?

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You might think that it’s pretty easy to tell if you’re sick or not, but it could be difficult to determine exactly what is wrong with you. It’s flu season, and many people have already dealt with the nasty, winter sickness.

Those who haven’t had the flu yet should be aware of the symptoms so they can decide if and when they need to see a doctor and get medicine.

While the symptoms of different flu strains can vary, they are usually pretty similar. For the 2014 flu season, you should watch for these symptoms.

Fever and Chills
A fever is the first sign of a virus or infection, and if you have the flu, you will experience a fever accompanied by chills. Both the fever and the chills may come and go but will likely be experienced at the same time.

When your body is working to fight the flu, it can make you feel very tired and exhausted. You may feel tired before you experience any other symptoms of the flu and the fatigue can last days after the other symptoms have stopped.

Body aches and Headache
It is common to experience body aches and headaches when you have the flu. A fever can dehydrate you, making the aches even worse. Be sure to drink plenty of water while you are sick to help ease the pain of these aches and prevent dehydration. You can also take over the counter pain and fever medication to help lessen these symptoms.

Cough and/or Congestion
Coughs and congestion are another sign of the flu but can also be a sign of a sinus infection or a cold. If you experience a cough and/or congestion with any of these other symptoms, it is more likely that you have the flu. Cough drops, vapor rubs and cough syrup can help ease these symptoms.

Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
Vomiting and Diarrhea are sometimes experienced during the flu, but are more commonly experienced by children instead of adults. The virus can affect the digestive tract, causing an upset stomach and bowel.

All of these symptoms are commonly experienced by people who are suffering from the flu. If you think you may have the flu, it is important to rest, drink plenty of water and see your doctor if your symptoms become too severe.

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