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Box Exploring Potential Sale Amid Shareholder Pressure
Box, the popular file-sharing cloud service, is exploring a possible sale in response to pressure from an activist shareholder....
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Zoom Buys Keybase, Secure Messaging and File-Sharing Provider
Zoom has acquired Keybase, the popular secure messaging and file-sharing provider in its ongoing attempt to improve its security....
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Samsung Working on Quick Share: AirDrop For Android
XDA Developers is reporting that Samsung is working on Quick Share, an Android alternative to Apple’s AirDrop feature. AirDrop is a peer-to-peer ser...
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Dropbox Announces Plans to Integrate Google G Suite Tools into Its Platform
One of the minor inconveniences plaguing the modern day workplace is the proliferation of different apps and tools that might not be totally compatibl...
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File-Sharing Giant Dropbox Reportedly Makes Plans to Go Public
If you are one of those investors who specialize in trading shares of technology companies, you might have one more company to play with in the coming...
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Google Asked to Delete a Billion Links… and For the Most Part Complies
Google’s Transparency Report shows that Google was asked to remove over a billion links over the past 12 months and has complied with copyright ...
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Google Apps Admins Get More File Sharing Control
Google announced the addition of a new “Access Checker” feature in the settings in the admin console in Google Apps. This is designed to g...
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Microsoft Gives Businesses New Way To Share Files With Outlook Web App, OneDrive
Microsoft announced a couple of new ways to share files with Outlook Web App (OWA) and OneDrive for Business. The features are aimed at helping people...
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Gene Simmons Says Rock Is Dead. Gene Simmons Is Wrong.
Kiss founder and co-frontman, Gene Simmons, is a businessman. It’s as simple as that. He will do and say almost anything to protect and promote his ...
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Breaking Bad Finale Already Breaking Online Piracy Records
As the Internet went wild watching the final moments of Walter White’s existence in the land of television–an existence that will no doubt...
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UK Government Introduces Intellectual Property Crime Unit
Late last week, spokespersons the City of London police force announced the creation of a special crime unit, one that will focus on intellectual prop...
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Google Drive Now Lets You Share Files More Quickly
Google quietly announced a new file-sharing feature for Google Drive. When you’re using Google Drive on a Mac or PC, you can now share with a ri...
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Google Drive May Soon Get Gmail Attachments
Google Drive could be on the road to becoming a major file sharing tool for people with Google accounts. It’s clear that Google is building towa...
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New Research Once Again Confirms That Pirates Are The Best Customers
The media industry really hates pirates. The companies that produce music, movies and everything else constantly berate pirates and tell the world tha...
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Kim Dotcom Says Mega Is Pants For The Internet
The new Mega is almost upon us. The site is expected to go up on the one year anniversary of Megaupload being taken down. Dotcom has shared plenty of ...
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Pirate Bay Proxy Taken Down By UK Pirate Party
If you recall, the BPI requested that the UK Pirate Party take down its Pirate Bay proxy late last month. At the time, the head of UK’s Pirate P...
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UK Record Industry Tells Pirate Party To Shut Down Its Pirate Bay Proxy
ISPs in the UK are legally mandated to block access to The Pirate Bay thanks to a high court ruling in April. The ruling was welcomed by the British P...
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Should Parents Be Held Responsible For Their Child’s Online Behavior?
The Internet is a big, dangerous place where kids can get in all kinds of trouble. That’s at least the line fed to us by various groups that adv...
Read More Domain Suspended By Gabon’s Communication Minister
Megaupload is coming back soon, or at least, that’s the plan. The Megaupload founder revealed to Wired in October that the reboot of his popular...
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Pirates More Likely To Pay For Digital And Physical Media Than Non-Pirates
There’s nothing worse than pirates who steal and share content freely without repercussion. That’s at least what the entertainment industr...
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